When we think of the people who take the most selfies, the city-chic fashionistas on the East Coast and the beach beauties on the West Coast automatically come to mind.

But whether you follow in the virtual footsteps of the Kardashians or tend to post photos as quick as a New York minute, you may be surprised to find which city takes the most selfless.

Sure, you may assume NYC or LA would take the crown in an East Coast vs. West Coast battle, but according to a recent study, these cities didn't even make the cut.

Well, in all fairness, the study conducted by the selfie social network ON.com focused on the capitals in each state across the U.S. Still, in the showdown between the right and left coasts, neither Albany nor Sacramento were high-ranking on the selfie-obsessed scale.

ON.com conducted a study based on the number of selfies taken in a week by a single user among 500,000 users. According to their results, the cities that takes the most selfless on a weekly basis are:

1. New Mexico – Santa Fe: 6.94 selfies per user

2. Kansas – Topeka: 5.83 selfies per user

3. Illinois – Springfield: 5.65 selfies per user

4. Mississippi – Jackson: 5.63 selfies per user

5. Michigan – Lansing: 5.61 selfies per user

We're impressed – and slightly shocked – that people in Santa Fe, New Mexico, post just about seven selfies each every week, but hey — a selfie a day to make your followers stay.

The cities that finish off the Top 10 are:

6. Wyoming – Cheyenne: 5.46 selfies per user

7. Colorado – Denver: 5.34 selfies per user

8. Oregon – Salem: 5.13 selfies per user

9. Pennsylvania – Harrisburg: 5.05 selfies per user

10. Maryland – Annapolis: 4.88 selfies per user

Albany, with 4.28 selfies per user, only ranked 21 among the 50 states — whereas Sacramento beat the East Coasters with 4.24 selfles per day to come in at No. 20.

"For obvious reasons, our team believed that cities in New York and California would lead the way in most selfies taken, but after we pulled the data, we realized that simply wasn't the case. We can now see that the recent selfie takeover has accrued in every corner of the country," stated ON.com's CTO, Kevin Deegan.

If you live in Little Rock, Arkansas, and thought your selfie game was strong, then you just might have to step it up. Yeah, we are giving you permission to snap more selfies, Arkansas, because you ranked last on the list.

Need some selfie inspiration?

"Our users are very creative with the photos they upload, and being unique and original always helps," Deegan said. "I think some of best photos are the ones that keep to the basics. Good lighting, having a smile on your face, and having fun with it. Adding a filter or some text to the photo can help as well."

Even though Arkansas, South Dakota, and Hawaii ranked on the bottom of the list, we really want to know who takes more selfless, those on the East Coast vs. West Coast?

Trenton, New Jersey, takes 4.50 selfies per day; Providence, Rhode Island, takes 4.64; Concord, New Hampshire, takes 4.18; Dover, Delaware, takes 4.23; and Hartford, Connecticut, takes 4.48.

Cities on the West Coast like Salem, Oregon, take 5.13 per day, which is impressively high on the list, but Olympia, Washington, only takes 3.34 per day, and Phoenix, Arizona, takes 4.38 per day.

Are you surprised by the East Coast vs. West Coast selfie culture or which cities ranked high on the list? Or maybe, like Deegan, you expected what the data shows.

"Selfies are a big part of our culture now. People have become more and more accustomed to taking pictures of their daily lives, to share with others or just to remember specific moments themselves," he said. "I think this says that we take value in knowing and relating to what everyone else is doing."

Deegan also explained that while everyone from teens to your grandma likes sharing selfless, those in the 18-to-25 demographic "seem to be the most connected of all the age groups, so cities with high ratios of colleges seem to upload more selfless per capita."

So no matter if you live in middle America, the East Coast or West Coast, we all share the same habits in this smartphone age. Selfles are a further way of staying connected.

As Deegan said, "technology has allowed us to become a more sharing and united culture than ever before."

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