YouTuber Pranks Grandmother Into Thinking She's Getting Arrested - On Her Birthday


When you hear the word "grandmother," chances are you think of a kind elderly woman who does nothing but shower everyone around her with unconditional love. For most, grandmothers are the sweetest people on the planet — it's nothing but non-stop affection and treats every time they come around. In short, grandmothers are the best.

So, as grandchildren, it's important for us to reciprocate that same unconditional love. After all, if your grandmother's going to spend the rest of her life making you happy, the only proper thing to do is return the favor. Of course, it doesn't have to be some grand gesture or an expensive gift — as long as they know you appreciate what they've done for you, they'll be happy.

Or — you can just skip out on all that mushy, lovey nonsense, and instead spend her birthday making her think she's about to be arrested!

Roman Atwood is a well-known YouTube prankster: he's the guy who posted the "Anniversary Prank Backfires" video a few years back. The tone of his videos haven't changed all that much, except for one thing: he's shifted his focus from pranking his girlfriend to pranking his grandmother.

So, on his grandmother's birthday, Atwood finally gave her a chance to take a ride in his souped-up sports car. The only problem is that the car was supposedly stolen — and it isn't long before "police" get involved.

As far as prank videos go, it's actually pretty tame: it's not as if his grandmother suddenly loses her mind and starts attacking the cops, nor does she take the car and drive off like a maniac. She's actually pretty calm and polite throughout the whole encounter... then again, how much funnier would it have been if she'd just knocked one of the policeman out and stolen the car?

Hey, at least she tried to hit him with that birthday cake near the end.

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