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Deadly Falls On The Rise Among Older Adults: How Can Seniors Prevent Falls?

The rate of deadly falls in U.S. seniors has increased by 31 percent over the past decade. Why are fall incidents increasing and what measures can be adopted to prevent injuries?

Public Health May 12, 2018

Nearly 40 Percent Of Seniors Are Sexually Active, But Aren't Talking To Doctors

A survey from Michigan University's National Poll on Healthy Aging found that most seniors are interested in being sexually active. However, most of them don't speak to their medical providers about this.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 3, 2018

Retirees To Outnumber Children In The US By 2035: Census Bureau

Those who haven't secured their retirement should start acting now. With the number of seniors rapidly rising and the number of young adults declining in the next decades, it is best to prepare for potential pension and healthcare problems.

Public Health March 16, 2018

American Teens, Seniors Have Similar Sedentary Lifestyles: Study

American teenagers and seniors continue to live sedentary lifestyles with little to no physical activity, a new study revealed. Researchers hope schedules in schools can be modified to be conducive to physical activity.

Healthy Living/Wellness June 19, 2017

Exercise Reduces Impact Of Obesity On Heart Disease Among Elderly

A new study suggests physical activity may reduce the impact of obesity on heart disease among middle-aged and elderly adults. Researchers recommend at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity for a healthy heart.

Healthy Living/Wellness March 2, 2017

Exercise Can Help Seniors Recover Quickly From Disability

Older adults who regularly engage in physical exercise, especially walking, are most likely to recover quickly from a disability, a new study suggests. Researchers say it is not too late for seniors to begin exercising.

Healthy Living/Wellness September 27, 2016

Close Family Relationships More Important Than Friendship In Extending Seniors' Life Expectancy

Being surrounded by more family members and feeling closer to them may be key to a longer life expectancy for older adults, a new study suggests. Researchers compared the effect of family bonds with relationships with friends.

Healthy Living/Wellness August 22, 2016

Seniors Rarely Go Online For Healthcare Needs, Medical Advice

There is a general belief that the advent of digital health technology could improve the health care quality of seniors. However, results of a new study reveal that elders rarely go online to address their health care needs.

Public Health August 2, 2016

More Than Half A Million Older Men Are Lonely, Harms Their Health: Report

About 550,000, or one-third, of older men in the UK who are suffering from long-term health issues are lonely. The numbers are expected to surge to two-thirds by 2030 as the life expectancy for senior men becomes closer to that for women.

Public Health June 18, 2016

Retiring Early? Working Past Age 65 Is Linked To Longer Life, New Study Says

Working after the retirement age of 65 has its own share of benefits, finds a new research from the Oregon State University. "Longer life" being one of the prime benefits!

Healthy Living/Wellness May 1, 2016

Mobility Assessment Tool Developed To Facilitate Predicting Postoperative Risk In Older Adults

Mobility is an important indicator of overall health in older adults. Scores acquired through Wake Forest Baptist’s mobility assessment tool can help identify older patients at higher risk of adverse postoperative complications.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 26, 2016

Many Seniors Take Dangerous Combinations Of Medicines And Supplements

Seniors are predisposed to the dangerous effects of drug combinations. Taking too many medicines and supplements aggravates the serious health risks they face at their age.

Life March 22, 2016

Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado Are Best States In Which To Retire

A survey has listed the best and worst states in the United States for retirement. On top of the list of the best places to retire are Wyoming, South Dakota and Colorado.

Business March 2, 2016

Researchers Develop New App That Can Help Seniors Live Better

Experts at the University of Notre Dame created a new app that could help seniors live better. Called eSeniorCare, the new app not only tracks health goals, but also promotes communication between health care providers and their patients.

Life November 24, 2015

New System Could Give 16 Million People With Special Needs Internet Access

The project, undertaken by the University of Wisconsin-Madison and funded by the federal government, would automatically format any device to the user's needs and preferences.

Internet October 27, 2015

Climate Change Could Up Death Rate In Seniors, Study Says

Extreme heat with climate change could put the health of U.S. seniors at risk, Harvard researchers say. The study looks at the long-term impact of climate on health.

Life July 14, 2015

Simple Lifestyle Changes Can Halve Heart Failure Risk Among Seniors

Moderate exercise and healthy habits can significantly reduce risks of heart failure as we get older, a study suggests. Simple lifestyle changes can have big results, researchers say.

Life July 7, 2015

Even Moderate Drinking May Be Damaging Our Hearts As We Age, Study Finds

In senior citizens, even what is considered 'moderate' drinking may be harmful to heart health, researchers say. Elderly women are particularly sensitive to the toxic effects of alcohol, they add.

Life May 27, 2015

YouTuber Pranks Grandmother Into Thinking She's Getting Arrested - On Her Birthday

After years and years of spoiling us as kids, it's only fair that grandmothers get some love and affection in return. Or, you could spend their birthday tricking them into thinking they're about to be arrested!

Internet Culture April 30, 2015

Stem Cell Injection Might Save Seniors From Vision Loss

Researchers have found that stem cells can be used to disrupt the progression of age-related macular denegeration, alleviating vision loss due to the disease.

Life April 16, 2015

Musical Training Protects The Brain: Strong Evidence Found

Older adults who were trained as musicians when they were young are better than non-musical peers at recognizing sounds of speech, a new study found. Do musicians really have superior brains?

Healthy Living/Wellness February 3, 2015

To Make High-Intensity Interval Training Work, Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

High-intensity interval training (Hitt) can be effective exercise, but is it for everyone?

Life February 2, 2015

CES 2015: Why Caregiving Deserves More Tech Focus

At the International CES Digital Health Summit, technology focusing on caregiving for seniors is discussed. What makes some tech beneficial, and where do other companies fail?

CES 2015 January 9, 2015

Heatwaves Linked to Increased Hospitalization for Seniors

Senior citizens are in danger from a wide range of health problems as temperatures rise, a new study reveals.

Life December 24, 2014

Superwoman: This 77-Year Old Granny Can Do One-Handed Push-ups and Deadlift 215 Pounds

Ms. Willie Murphy, at the age of 77, is a weightlifting champion. And no steroids for her; it's pizza with a little rum and cranberry juice instead, she says.

Life November 29, 2014

Older Americans Aren't Internet-Savvy and it Could Hurt Their Health

Health information on the internet is not being seen by most American seniors, but what could this mean for health?

Life November 14, 2014

World's oldest people have genome sequenced for longevity secrets: Here's what was found

Supercentenarians, people who live to the age of 110 or greater, have been tested for the genetic secret behind their longevity. Here's what researchers found.

Life November 12, 2014

Seniors who live purposely tend to live longer: Study

Want to live longer than your peers? Be happier! Study shows a sense of purpose and well-being can extend life in seniors by improving physical health.

Life November 6, 2014

America, we have a problem. Seniors owe $18 billion in student loans

The number of Americans aged 65 and older who still carry college debt is increasing. The amount of money they owe grew from $2.8 billion in 2005 to $18.2 billion in 2013.

Society September 11, 2014

U.S. seniors pumped to improve health, set new health goals

Americans aged 60 years and older report they are more motivated than in the past two years to improve their health by exercising regularly and setting health goals. Some 37 percent claim they are already exercising every day.

Life July 15, 2014

PAD patients may benefit from home-based walking program: Study

Peripheral artery disease (PAD) sufferers can find relief with a structured program of walking. Study finds they're more likely to stick with it at home rather than having to visit a hospital or clinic.

Life May 27, 2014

Type 2 diabetes linked to brain shrinkage, warns study

Diabetes may cause brain damage in more than one way, based on a new study. What does this mean for seniors?

Life April 30, 2014

Internet can be a lifeline for seniors suffering depression but moderation is best strategy, says study

New research reveals Internet use by seniors can have a positive impact. Going online can stem mental depression, says the study.

Life April 23, 2014

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