Even though Disney pulled the plug on Star Wars: The Clone Wars prematurely, you have to respect that Lucasfilm is determined to get the last episodes-in-progress to fans, even if said episodes aren't in their final form.

Over the last few years, Lucasfilm has posted a number of episodes in various stages of completion that were intended for The Clone Wars but never finished.

Some have been nothing but storyboards, while others were in nearly complete condition. One even became a four-issue comic book from Dark Horse, continuing the story of the resurrected Darth Maul.

Fans have gobbled these extra stories up, regardless of their form.

The latest is a planned four-episode arc called "Bad Batch." It tells the story of a unique quartet of Clone Troopers called Clone Force 99, who had malformations related to the cloning process, yet instead of being discarded they were further mutated into stronger, more elite soldiers than their brothers.

These four troopers — named Hunter, Tech, Crosshair and Wrecker — are sent on a special mission to recover a "strategy algorithm" from the Separatist admiral who stole it, but instead encounter "a haunting truth."

IGN notes that the story also reveals (spoiler alert) that a fallen Clone Trooper named Echo, who recurred many times throughout the series but was killed during a rescue mission, somehow survived. Perhaps he is the "haunting truth" Clone Force 99 encounters.

"Bad Batch" is presented on StarWars.com in story reel form. Or you can watch it right here.

The Bad Batch - Star Wars: The Clone Wars Story Reel on Disney Video

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