#MayThe4th: What If Jar-Jar Binks Was In The 'Star Wars Episode VII' Trailer?


There's no denying it: Jar Jar Binks is the worst character in Star Wars history. Aside from being a terrible character in general, Jar Jar is a representation of everything wrong with the Prequel Trilogy: he's comprised of terrible CGI, he's obnoxious and he was only ever designed to be a toy.

So many people hated Jar Jar that he was eventually fazed out of the Prequel Trilogy altogether - a clear sign that something went terribly, terribly wrong.

That being said...there's no telling what Jar Jar is up to in the present-day Star Wars universe. The last time fans saw him, Jar Jar was attending Padme's funeral at the end of Episode III - which means that he could still be out there, lurking.

He could still be wandering the galaxy, ruining any story he comes across, acting as a terrible comedic foil to any heroes who stumble upon him. It's a horrifying thought, true, but...there's a chance that Jar Jar could return in Star Wars Episode VII.

How bad could it be? Well, one YouTuber took a look at what might happen if Jar Jar were to work his way back into the movies...

It's actually an extremely well-made trailer, all things considered. While it's a mystery as to why anyone would want Jar Jar back in the movies, the editing is actually pretty amazing. The first shot alone is enough to sell the entire thing...though the subsequent shot of Darth Vader's helmet is easily one of the most terrifying things to ever come out of Star Wars.

How about this: let's just keep Jar Jar relegated to the Prequels, shall we?

The real Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is set to debut on Dec. 18.

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