It's no secret that while Nintendo's amiibo collection was well received, it wasn't really executed very well by Nintendo.

Nintendo, however, recognizes this and has come out and apologized for the lack of availability of amiibo figurines, an issue that has been plaguing the company ever since the figurines were first released.

"We appreciate the enthusiasm that our fans continue to show toward amiibo. Sales for the product have exceeded our expectations. We understand how frustrating it can be at times if consumers are unable to find certain figures, and we apologize for that," said Nintendo in a statement. "As our library of amiibo continues to grow, some figures will be easier to find than others. We are constantly looking for the opportunity to reissue amiibo and are already making plans to bring back some currently out-of-stock amiibo figures. Stay tuned for details."

Nintendo's amiibo figurines essentially have a small NFC chip inside of them, which users can then scan on their gaming consoles to unlock new characters, levels, and other features.

The fact that Nintendo is having a hard time selling the figurines may not be the best for customers but it's great for Nintendo. What it means is that the figurines are selling even better than Nintendo wanted them to, and this is only set to continue as the company expands the figurines available for purchase and expands the features that users can unlock.

In fact, Nintendo's statement hints at the expansion of the figurines, which will certainly be exciting for collectors of the figurines and those that have been keeping up with the platform.

"These plans include Animal Crossing amiibo cards that will become available by the end of 2015, and a free-to-download app for Wii U called amiibo tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits that launched on April 30, 2015, that lets consumers enjoy playable scenes from certain NES and Super NES games with amiibo," continued the company.

This is not the first time that Nintendo has commented on the demand for amiibo figurines. Last month the company said that the demand for amiibo had "smashed" its expectations.

Many welcome the fact that Nintendo is being a little more public with its supply and demand for amiibo, and if nothing else it will at least make keeping track of the line a little easier.

The news comes as many are looking forward to a number of upcoming amiibo figurines. One such figurine is a silver Mario.

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