E3 2015 – the biggest gaming event this summer – will be dominated by press conferences from the big three: Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony. While a number of other publishers like EA and Ubisoft are also going to hold press events, PC gaming has been conspicuously absent from the headlines.

In spite of the PC gaming platform being as strong and as diverse as it ever has been, E3 has been mostly for the console crowd. Until now, that is. PC gaming will finally get its moment in the spotlight, thanks to a new press conference at this year's show called "The PC Gaming Show," sponsored by AMD and PC Gamer.

The press conference will begin on Tuesday, June 16 and last for three hours. While we don't yet know what exactly will be discussed on stage, we do have a list that includes a number of power players in the realm of PC gaming. Below is the full list of speakers:

• Blizzard
• Bohemia Interactive
• Cliff Bleszinski
• Cloud Imperium Games
• Dean Hall
• Devolver Digital
• Humble Bundle
• Heart Machine
• Paradox Interactive
• Square Enix
• Tripwire Interactive

Two interesting speakers of note are Cliff Bleszinski and Dean Hall. Bleszinski is the creator of Gears of War and one of the major minds behind the Unreal Tournament franchise. He recently created his own studio and has been at work on a PC shooter. Might we see footage from his new game for the first time on the PC Gaming Show stage?

It certainly seems like a possibility. Hall is another big name in the PC gaming space right now. He's famous for creating the zombie survival title DayZ, but has since left his old studio, Bohemia Interactive, to form RocketWerkz, a studio of his own. Perhaps we'll hear what's next for the creator during the show as well.

As pointed out by Game Informer, notably absent from the list of speakers are two major players in the PC space: Intel and Nvidia. It seems like neither of the companies were invited to speak during the press conference due to their competition with AMD in the PC hardware space.

Even if you aren't going to E3, you can still watch the press conference on June 16 live via Twitch.

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