Twitch on Xbox One is performing really well and most of this success has a lot to do with Titanfall. With just Titanfall alone, Xbox One gamers have broadcasted 10 million minutes worth of content, a shocking number for a single game.

It is clear Microsoft made the right move when it launched Twitch alongside Titanfall, as the game is giving Xbox One players a reason to broadcast, in hopes of making a name for themselves and making a few bucks on the side.
Since Microsoft launched the Twitch app on March 10, 2014, Xbox One players have managed to broadcast a whopping 23 million minutes of video game content.

"Twitch on Xbox One has played a big role in the increase in Xbox One usage since the app added broadcasting on March 10," says Microsoft. "In fact, nearly 23 million minutes have been broadcast from Twitch on Xbox One since launch. This includes more than 2.7 million minutes broadcast from Xbox One March 10-11, the most ever for a Twitch console app in its first day. Additionally, 30 percent of all Twitch unique broadcasters were broadcasting from Xbox One during the app's first day."
"In its first week, 108,000 unique Twitch users tried their hand at broadcasting from Xbox One, accounting for 22 percent of Twitch's unique broadcasters in the same period of time," Microsoft said. "New broadcasters are really getting into it, too, as the average Twitch broadcast on Xbox One is nearly as long as the average American TV sitcom at 28 minutes."
Twitch in its current form is probably the best place for gamers who want to broadcast content to a community that is 100 percent related to gaming. As of now, the platform boasts a massive 45 million users, making the platform the largest community for gamers.
Furthermore, it is understood that Twitch users watch over 13 billion minutes of gaming videos per month, proving that the video gaming industry is here to stay for the long haul.
It would be interesting to see how further Twitch will grow with the help of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, as the year 2014 is filled with potential great games.

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