Game Informer has just unveiled its latest cover story, and lo' and behold if it isn't the looooooooong-awaited Disney Infinity 3.0 announcement!

As expected, Star Wars is joining the fun in the third go-'round, and GI reveals that there will be at least five playsets this time, three of which are based on Star Wars. "Twilight of the Republic," by developer Ninja Theory, is the playset that comes with the Starter Pack — which includes only two figures this time instead of the usual three but drops its price down to $65 — featuring an original story set during The Clone Wars.

Studio Gobo's entry is "Rise Against the Empire," telling a "highlight reel" that follows the action from the original trilogy. A third playset will become available in the winter, and yes fans, your dreams are coming true: it's based on The Force Awakens.

Playable Star Wars figures/characters will include Anakin, Ahsoka, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Darth Maul, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca and Darth Vader. We imagine there are probably more but those are the only ones that have been announced so far.

In addition to the Star Wars love-in, Marvelites will get their fix with a new playset that sounds like it's based on Age of Ultron, which includes figures for Ultron and Hulkbuster Iron Man. The fifth playset is for Pixar's Inside Out, and will have all five emotions/main characters available to play.

Happily, that's not all that Avalanche has up its collective sleeve this time. The developer seems intent on correcting the mistakes of the past, tweaking little things here and there and outright replacing others. A perfect example are those blasted "blind bag" Power Discs, where (like baseball cards) you never know what you're getting until you open the pack. Say goodbye to those days — now they'll be packaged so that you can see the contents before you buy.

There's more, and Game Informer is promising a full month's worth of coverage online and a 16-page story in the latest issue of the magazine. Stay tuned for more information as it's released.

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