Harlem Bakery Serves Sriracha-Flavored Doughnuts Among Other International Treats


The options for food are endless in New York City. Whether you're craving Italian, Chinese, Thai, Mexican or Indian food – the list goes on and on – you're only a train ride away from a savory taste of heaven.

But if you're in search of a sugar fix, then look no further than this new Harlem bakery.

At Jolie Patisserie, owner Moha Orchid is serving a unique sriracha-flavored doughnut, among other worldly treats.

That's right, rooster-sauce lovers. You will now be able to indulge in a sriracha doughnut. While you might not think the hot sauce and pastry go hand-in-hand, you'll be intrigued to discover that the doughnut is topped with sour cream and almond slivers — with sriracha sauce drizzled on in moderation.

Orchid opened the doors of Jolie Patisserie last week — his return to the New York restaurant business after closing Cookies and CousCous in the West Village, back in 2005.

"Harlem is a challenge because you have no name in the area," Orchid said. "Somebody has to be the first."

And although he is not the first to roll out a doughnut with sriracha (that honor goes to Dough Loco for its raspberry sriracha dougnut), his worldly treats defiantly bring something new to the area.

Orchid, who speaks six languages, serves pastries inspired by his personal travel and cultural experiences.

If the Huy Fong sauce – which is named after a province in eastern Thailand – isn't your thing, you can ditch the spicy and stick to the sweetness of the other, well, sweets served in the shop.

These include honey cookies from Morocco (Orchid's homeland, where he learned how to cook), French croissants (a staple from the place he lived after high school), and Austrian Danishes. Although Orchid never lived in Austria, an Austrian chef taught him how to become a master baker.

While Orchid – and his sweets – are international, he is proud to be a New Yorker, and gives Harlem residents and businesses leftovers for free when his work day is over.

Orchid bakes all the doughnuts and pastries in the store each day, which are sold at an affordable pice. Donuts start at $1, croissants and pastries at $2, and small cakes at $3.

Get your hands on the sriracha-flavored cream cheese and almond donut sold at Jolie Patisserie, which is located at 2453 Seventh Ave.

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