He went away about 12 years ago, but time hasn't taught the Hamburglar to keep his gloves off burgers. McDonald's has reintroduced the Hamburglar, but the Twitterverse isn't quite sure how it feels about that.

In his heyday, Hamilton B. Urglar, 40, known on the streets as the "Hamburglar," was linked to countless crimes surrounding the theft of McDonald's burgers. The Hamburglar stole burgers with impunity in the 1980s and 1990s, before McDonald's put him away in 2002.

Hamburglar may have served his time away from the marketing spotlight, but a recent McDonald's ad shows Urglar breaking bad one afternoon while grilling burgers with his suburban family.

The slimmed down, stubble-faced Urglar is a drastic departure from the puffy-cheeked, single-tooth Hamburglar who was introduced to the world in the mid-1970s.

McDonald's thought Urglar needed a new look for his return, according to Joel Yashinsky, McDonald's vice president of U.S. marketing.

"We felt it was time to debut a new look for the Hamburglar after he's been out of the public eye all these years," said Yashinsky. "He's had some time to grow up a bit and has been busy raising a family in the suburbs and his look has evolved over time."

Twitter has been having a field day with the new-look Hamburglar.

Some really liked the new look:

And others discovered impostors:

Check out the ad spot below:

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