There's no denying that most people can't help but drool over Irish actors like Colin Farrell or omnipresent Armenian reality star Kim Kardashian. And it seems like these two nationalities have something in common: they are both number one on the sexiest people list for women and men respectively.

To find which nationality is the sexiest, the travel and dating website MissTravel polled over 110,000 Americans to find which people are the hottest.

The survey found that Armenian women and Irish men are the world's sexiest people.

Irish men took just under 8,000 votes from 66,309 American women surveyed, with half of them siting an "accent" as a big influence in their vote. Women chose Australian men to be the second sexiest nationality among men with 6,486 votes.

Based on women's dating preferences, here's how the men ranked on the sexiest nationality list:

1. Irish - 7,862
2. Australian - 6,486
3. Pakistani - 4,761
4. American - 2,909
5. English - 2,133
6. Scottish - 1,554
7. Italian - 905
8. Nigerian
 - 721
9. Danish - 670
10. Spanish - 598

But Irish women were not so lucky when it came to men's preferences. They didn't even make the top 10 list. For men, Armenian women like the Kardashian brood ranked the highest with just under 6,000 votes from a pool of 44,873 American men. The men said that "body type" and "facial features" influenced their vote.

Men also like the looks of Barbadian/Bajan women, naming them the second sexiest nationality. Based on men's fating preferences, here's how women ranked on the sexiest nationality list:

1. Armenian - 5,971
2. Barbadian/Bajan - 4,036
3. American - 3,402
4. Colombian - 2,741
5. English - 2,006
6. Australian - 1,040
7. Brazilian - 992
8. Filipina - 651
9. Bulgarian - 429
10. Lebanese - 323

Last year Australian men and Brazilian women ranked the sexiest, so we wonder how much pop culture influences our dating preferences.

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