The evolution of the smartphone has seen simple calling-and-texting devices become all-purpose gadgets that, among other things, can function as great cameras. Their pixel measurements and photo hardware may however not be enough to produce the best images. Thanks to several easy apps, you can now make up for that and get your pictures on par with your standards.

Here are the best camera apps available for Android devices:

Google Camera

Google Camera comes with an uncomplicated layout. It features image aids and a couple of decent shooting modes. Other features that photo buffs can enjoy include touch-to-focus, grid overlays, HDR setting, timer, panoramic mode, photo sphere, video capture and lens blur. When paired with Android Wear support, the camera app can be manipulated remotely so the user can set it up for a stable shot before stepping into the frame.

Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX boasts a clean interface that's filled with a host of features and settings. This app has multiple shot modes, including a steady shot, voice activated, timed and burst. Other settings are composition overlays, hardware button controls, saturation, brightness, HDR, ISO and more. For those who wish to edit their photos, the app features tools that allow users to add various effects such as tilt-shift, color transformations and more.

Camera 2

Camera 2 is one of the best dedicated photography apps found on Google Play. Developed by JFDP Labs, the app itself is unique in the sense that it features live previews of filters and effects that are applied to an image in real-time. It gives the opportunity to tweak contrast, brightness and saturation levels, which are reflected in the live preview. The app's filters and settings can also be used for playing around with photos taken on a different app.

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Clear is built with an award-winning technology that deals with distorted-looking images. Unlike other camera apps that have filters and enhancers, Perfectly Clear doesn't have either. With a single tap, the app delivers a dozen automatic corrections that are capable of quickly creating professional grade pictures.

Camera Awesome  

Originally available on the iPhone, Camera Awesome has now landed on Android. It boasts a so-called "Awesomize" button, which magically creates more than 100 artistic effects. Users can also rotate, crop and insta-edit their images. Other impressive features include panorama mode, image stabilization, interval, timer and burst shot.


ProCapture works by giving users more control over their images. Users can easily access some of the app's fine-tuning options, such as exposure, white balance and focus settings on the main screen. They can then spend as much time as they like in producing the perfect picture. For specialized shots, users can take advantage of the app's multiple shot modes, like noise reduction, wide shot panorama and burst.  

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is designed to cater to serious photography buffs. It has the combined features and interface similar to the those found in a manual DSLR. Some of its easy-to-access settings include focus, white balance, ISO modes and more. It also comes with an intervalometer which permits pre-set time lapse photography and videos.

Another notable feature is the long exposure mode, which helps the user create light trails and low-light photos. This type of app is best for those who have a knack for making manual tweaks.

Selfie Camera

This camera app is great for people who take their selfies with a more serious tone.  It allows any "selfie buff" to capture great images from the front-facing camera. There's also an added feature of creating cool effects on photos with filters and frames.  

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