When Jared Leto's Joker makeup was revealed, many DC Comics fans weren't thrilled with the results. It'd be tough for anyone to follow Heath Ledger's brilliant performance, and many felt like the tattoos were trying way too hard - after all, why would someone have the word 'Damaged' tattooed on their forehead? It's a controversial choice to be sure, though it doesn't look like the tattoos are going anywhere anytime soon.

Harley Quinn, on the other hand, has received a warm reception. The first photos of the character (along with the rest of the Suicide Squad) were posted online just a few days ago, and many fans were quick to praise the new rendition of the character. Granted, Harley's new appearance is a much less drastic change from her comic book counterpart, but either way - Harley's new look has been a hit.

So it's no surprise that more and more set photos are starting to hit the web - while Leto's Joker has gone AWOL, it almost seems as if DC is encouraging people to focus on Harley instead. A ton of new photos have surfaced, and fans can finally take a closer look at the Joker's better half:

It's a much more vibrant version of Harley Quinn than fans are used to, but it's not so much that it feels out of character. Purists may scoff at the pinks and blues of her costume, but everyone else will be happy to see that one of DC's most popular villainesses has made it to the big screen intact. The photos also give fans a better idea of what Harley's wearing: a T-shirt that reads 'Daddy's Little Monster,' a coat with 'Property of Joker' on the back and a pair of very short shorts:

Finally, there's one last picture to see...but it's hard to tell if it's real or not. It's something of a continuation of the original Jared Leto Joker picture, with Harley inking Mr. J. (which would explain the expression on his face). Again, it's hard to tell if the photo is real or not, seeing as Harley's face is covered, but the rest of the picture seems to line up with what fans have already seen.

It's easy to see why fans are upset about the Joker - it's a drastic change from any other incarnation of the character - but at the very least, fans can be excited about just how good Harley Quinn looks. It's not a one-for-one recreation of the character, sure, but it's definitely faithful to the spirit of the character - and that's what fans should be excited about.

Suicide Squad hits theaters on Aug. 5, 2016.

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