This week saw a mad dash when Doctor Who fans from all over the world tried to get tickets to North America's largest Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One.

The ticket rush was so intense that Gallifrey One's online ticket registration service crashed just seconds after the convention staff posted the link on their website and social media. The madness still hasn't ended as the only solution was to have would-be ticket buyers send emails to a special email address at a certain time to request a chance to purchase tickets. 

Gallifrey One only sells 3,500 tickets to their events: once the convention has sold those tickets, they're gone. Needless to say, many people didn't get tickets (but don't worry, we got our tickets).

But never fear, Whovians. The good news is that there are many other Doctor Who conventions all over the U.S. throughout the year that you can attend. Most are smaller conventions where you don't have to go through what Gallifrey One attendees are now referring to as "Ticket-Con" and they're all fun, featuring great guests and activities.

ConGT - Clarksville, TN

Until recently, fans in the Midwest really didn't have a Doctor Who convention to attend. However, this year, ConGT had its first convention in Clarksville, TN, which was, fortunately, a complete success. Although there were only a small number of guests, the convention's weekend was packed with cosplay, vendors, panels and a lot of fun. Attendees eagerly await next year's convention, which should happen in March.

TimeGate - Atlanta, GA

For Southern fans of Doctor Who, TimeGate in Atlanta is the con for you, and this year's is coming up soon on May 22. The con also has an amazing line-up of Who-related guests, including Missy herself, Michelle Gomez, as well as classic companion Katy Manning.

CONsole Room - Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Minnesota fans don't get left out of the Doctor Who action: they have their own con coming up at the end of May. This year's guest includes Colin Baker, along with Ellie and Joseph Darcey-Alden, who guest starred in the Christmas episode of the series, "The Snowmen."

Anglicon - Seattle, WA

This one is for you Doctor Who and Anglophiles in the Pacific Northwest. Anglicon is the summer event you'll want to attend this year. Not only does the con celebrate all things in British media, but it puts a specific focus on Doctor Who. And that includes guests like Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred and Katy Manning.

Con Kasterborous - Huntsville, AL

Here's another one for you Southerners, this one in Huntsville, AL. In July, gather together with all your favorite people (aka, Doctor Who fans) and celebrate your love for all things Who with the 8th Doctor himself, Paul McGann. Joining him are Eric and Eliza Roberts, both who also appeared in the Doctor Who movie starring McGann.

Time Eddy - Wichita, KS

Kansas may have once been the Dust Bowl, but exciting things happen there early in October. You'll find everything you'll want out of a Doctor Who con here, including cosplay, guests (such as Katy Manning) and Who-related programming that will keep you happy until next year's con.

Hurricane Who - Orlando, FL

Forget Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, Orlando is also home to Hurricane Who, which happens at the end of October. This year's con boasts a cast of characters from Doctor Who spin-off series Torchwood: Gareth David-Lloyd (who also voiced Solas in Dragon Age: Inquisition) and Kai Owen.

L.I. Who - Long Island, NY

Don't worry East Coast Doctor Who fans: we've got you covered. L.I. Who happens every November and features a lot of faces you'll see at Gallifrey One. This year's guests include Katy Manning, Carole Anne Ford, Annette Badland, Nick Briggs, Jemma Redgrave and Frazer Hines. That's an impressive list, right?

Chicago TARDIS - Chicago, IL

Chicago TARDIS is probably the second largest Doctor Who convention in North America and gets a lot of Gallifrey One attendees, as well as those who don't manage to get Gallifrey One tickets. The guest list is always impressive and usually in line with what you'd expect at Gallifrey One itself. The only negative is that Chicago TARDIS happens in November, over Thanksgiving weekend, so if you have a family that isn't into Doctor Who, you might have to choose between them and your fandom.

[Photo Credit: Robin Burks]

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