Missing selfies? Instagram bug hides latest photos on mobile app


The selfie generation has raised its eyebrows Wednesday, not because there's too much selfies going around these days but because they have been seeing the same selfies of their friends in their Instagram newsfeed for days.

The latest selfies or content? Gone.

A poll conducted by confirmed that a bug has bitten the notorious photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Affected users even vented out their frustrations and complaints to other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Two topics that even trended on Twitter were "Why is Instagram" and "My Instagram" obviously discussing what could have happened with the site.

Ninety-seven percent of people who have been complaining of the issue pointed that the problem was with their newsfeed. They said Instagram has been showing older photos instead of latest uploads, with others saying they have accessed at least 30 minutes of their newsfeed and some didn't have access at all to the posts for nearly a week. One percent identified problems with the website; the other one percent has login issues.

Instagram has apologized to its users, saying it has taken steps to beat the bug. It also went on to assure its users that what happened was a temporary glitch. They didn't reveal, however, for how long would it take the platform to fix the issue, the extent of the bug or the number of users who have been affected.  

The platform has reportedly been down since 4 p.m. EDT. It was back to business by 5:18 p.m., as per In its attempt to help users, the latter even tried to share troubleshooting instructions to Instagram users, but these tips were limited to home computers. Those on their mobile devices could only wait.

"Probably the server is overloaded, down or unreachable because of a network problem, outage or a website maintenance is in progress," said.

Instagram users have quickly grown in number since its inception in 2010. In a statement a week ago, the company announced that its user count has grown to 200 million, nearly Twitter's total user count.

Latest survey also shows that approximately 25 percent of smartphone users in the U.S. either use Instagram monthly or at least sign into their account just to check their friends' posts. On a daily basis, Instagram shares average of 60 million photos from its users. Over 20 billion photos have already been shared on the platform, research says.

Who could blame them? The photo-sharing service is a beautiful and creative platform that lets you filter your photos and brag them to the world.

Even Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg couldn't help it, reason why he bought Instagram for a billion dollars.

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