Disney/Marvel is already under fire for its lack of Black Widow merchandise in promotion of the latest Avengers film, and more controversy has dropped online. This time the uproar has to do with merchandise based on Black Widow movie scenes.

Instead of featuring Black Widow as she was in those iconic scenes in the films, Disney and Marvel released merchandise featuring not Black Widow, but Iron Man and Captain America instead.

It seems that the latest Disney/Marvel film, Avengers: Age of Ultron, has seen a lot of controversy with women. Not only has the company failed in delivering merchandise based on the sole female Avenger, but two of the film's lead actors called that female character a "slut" and a "whore" in a recent interview promoting the film.

As if that weren't enough, though, the hits keep on coming. The Mary Sue recently pointed out that some of the merchandise being released for male Avengers should actually feature Black Widow instead.

Take for example the amazing scene in Age of Ultron where Black Widow comes zooming out of an airplane on her motorcycle to go save her fellow Avengers. That was a great scene and a good idea for a toy, right?

Well, there is a toy based on that scene, but the motorcycle Black Widow rides in that scene now seems to belong to Captain America.

But that's not all. Another toy puts Iron Man on that motorcycle.

At this point, Disney and Marvel can't chalk this up to an accident, because the sexism against the one female Avenger character keeps piling up. Not only has the company made no statement about all the complaints it has received because of its disrespect of Black Widow, but it just keeps releasing merchandise that is now, essentially, a slap in the face to its female fans of the Avengers franchise.

The best thing we can do is vote with our pocket books: don't buy Avengers merchandise. Although that's highly unlikely, we can still show our support for female characters and get a few Black Widow items, thanks to smaller retail licensers.

[Photo Credit: Hasbro]

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