Microsoft thinks it has the cure for the hard core gamer who hates the fact that he is missing valuable gaming time while away from his home, using the Surface Pro 2 tablet as a gaming platform.

The software and gaming giant has rolled out the Surface Pro 2 Geek and Sundry bundles. It comes with the tablet, which normally retails or $899, and adds an Xbox 360 wireless controller and two free downloadable games. War Thunder Mustang and Farming Simulator 2013. The entire bundle is set at $899.

Microsoft says the bundle saves consumers $104.

The offer is currently up on Microsoft's store. In addition, to the preset bundle those interested can also assemble something more to their liking.

The choices start with the tablet. Microsoft has four versions of the Surface Pro 2 available, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB, ranging in price from the aforementioned $899 to $1,799.

The promotion runs until May 1, 2014, or while supplies last. The 512GB version of the Surface Pro 2 is already out of stock.

Microsoft has been making quite a bit of news with its game bundles. For the release of Titanfall for Xbox One it included a free version of the game with a purchase of the console for $499, which was quickly knocked down $50 after the initial release of the game.

The fallout from Titanfall has been very beneficial to Microsoft. Since Titanfall's drop Microsoft's Xbox Live community has lit up with the company saying the week of March 10 saw a record for the number of hours logged onto the system. The company noted that users are spending an average of over five hours per day on their Xbox

This should only increase as the game console is rolled out into more markets and it will receive and extra bump next week when Titanfall for the Xbox 360 is released. 

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