The Google Play Store is filled with great apps, but it's also filled with apps that are aimed at scamming users or delivering malware. One such app that has scammed over 10,000 users is Virus Shield, an app that promises to prevent harmful apps from being installed on a user's device.

The app also promises to scan files, media, settings and other apps in real-time to prevent the installation of malware. In addition, users should expect low battery usage and high device performance when this app is activated.

As it stands, Virus Shield was ousted as a scam, an app that does nothing but change its "X" icon to a check symbol whenever the service is activated. Strangely enough, Virus Shield had a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on Google Play, proving well enough how users are easily deceived. To make matters worse, the app was on sale for $3.99 and bought by over 10,000 users, so the developer is currently swimming in money from his waist up.

Several people on Google Plus came away with the impression that Virus Shield was a total scam. Moments later, Android Police managed to decompile the app and rummage through the code; what it came across was an app that has nothing to do with security at all.

Luckily, the backlash against Virus Shield caught Google's attention and, in no time, was removed from the Play Store. Unfortunately, it was little too late for Google, as the damage has already been done, as thousands of users lost their hard earned $3.99.

This matter has highlighted Google's lack of oversight when it comes to preventing malware and scamware surfacing on the Play Store. There should have been no possible way for Virus Shield to make at the top of the new paid app list and number 3 in the overall top paid list. Furthermore, Virus Shield managed to go unnoticed by Google on the Play Store for a whole week, another proof of how weak Google is when it comes to vetting the apps that make their way to the Play store. 

It is not known if Google plans on reimbursing affected users. If not, consumers are left with several options to take their hard earned money back and seek protection through proper venues.

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