Users Complain Samsung Clear View Case Scratches Display Of Galaxy S6 Edge


Owners of Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge are complaining that the official smartphone cover built by Samsung, meant to protect the $800 handset's expensive screen, is causing plenty of ugly scratches.

The irony is not lost on many unhappy S6 Edge owners, who have taken to the XDA forum to complain about the Clear View Case Samsung has made for the curved screen smartphone. It appears that when dirt, grit or other abrasive particles get between the smartphone's screen and the hard case sitting in front of it, the case causes the particles to rub against the Gorilla Glass 4 screen and create circular scratches in it.

"I have a two-week old S6 Edge which I fitted [with] the Samsung Clear View Case from day one," said one user. "The screen is now full of scratches since and is bloody annoying the hell out of me. I have contacted Samsung UK and awaiting reply. I strongly recommend avoiding this case at all costs. It is expensive and will scratch your screen no doubt."

The issue with the $60 hard case covers first cropped up on the German website (via Neowin) around two weeks ago, but more and more users have since appeared on XDA, Reddit and Twitter to complain about their brand new, scratch-riddled smartphones. On XDA alone, the discussion has reached up to 22 pages, indicating that it is not an isolated case and Samsung had better act on it fast.

Many users have contacted Samsung's customer service about the issue, and while some people have yet to hear from a representative, those who spoke with one of them over the phone say Samsung has already acknowledged the issue and passed it on to upper management to decide what is to be done with the scratched S6 Edges.

"Samsung UK has just rung me to let me know that they are now aware of this and passed it on to the head office (wherever that may be) to make a decision," one user said. "The more of us calling them the better. They need to be aware of the grand scale of this."

Of all those complaining on XDA, nearly 60 percent of users say they want Samsung to replace the full handset and offer a refund on the hard case. The remaining 40 percent say they would be happy if Samsung replaced just the screen itself and gave them a refund for the case.

It is unclear if the Clear View Case also damages the S6, since the issue seems to be caused by a case that does not fit properly around the curved edge of the S6 Edge. A few users have come out to say their S6 phones are also scratched but not as badly as the S6 Edge.

Other users say they have used similar cases with hard flaps covering the screen before, and they have not seen scratches on their older smartphones, including the S5, S4 Active, and the HTC One M8.

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