Police Waging Difficult War Against Edible Marijuana Products


Authorities in states where marijuana has not been legalized are experiencing difficulties on cracking down on the leafy green substance, as marijuana is now available in other innocent-looking forms.

The popularity of edible marijuana, or food products and snacks made with it, has largely increased over the past recent months, partly because it is very difficult to distinguish between normal snacks and marijuana-laced food items.

Edible marijuana items usually only look like usual cookies or candies, with the items usually lacking the distinguishing pungent smell of marijuana. The items are usually created in states where the consumption of marijuana has been made legal, and then transported to other states where using marijuana is still considered illegal.

Authorities are preparing to be able to stop the influx of edible marijuana items into states by stopping the vehicles that transport them.

Groups that are advocating against marijuana believe that edible marijuana snacks, which could look like brownies or lollipops, are dangerous in particular to children as they may eat the snacks thinking that they are regular food items. Such an incident happened a couple of years ago in 2013, when a total of eight kids were rushed to a hospital because they ate a snack infused with marijuana. A similar incident happened last year in San Diego.

Anti-marijuana advocates also believe that is much easier for people to overdose themselves from eating edible marijuana, as the effects of marijuana from eating these snacks take longer periods of time before being felt by the person. It is thought that people, frustrated by not immediately feeling results from eating edible marijuana items, can choose to eat more of the snacks, which could result in severe complications.

Earlier this year, a bust was made in San Antonio on edible marijuana items worth hundreds of dollars. Another bust in LaFollete, Tennessee saw the seizure of 24 pounds of cookies and a tub of butter, all of which were laced with marijuana, from an SUV in a traffic stop which had three children sitting in the vehicle's back seats.

While there are certain benefits from the legalization of marijuana, it is common sense to keep it away from children, especially in its innocent-looking edible forms. 

Photo: Dank Depot | Flickr

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