Fujifilm has announced the X-T10, the latest addition to the company's X-series line of digital cameras that are known for providing photographers with great-quality pictures on a retro-looking gadget.

The company released the X-T1 last year, and it is considered as a great-looking, retro SLR-inspired camera that is able to take very high-quality pictures. However, the X-T1 is a professional-grade camera that is meant for professional photographers, with a steep price.

Fujifilm's new X-T10 is a cheaper and smaller version of the X-T1, with a price tag of only $799.95 for just the body and $899.95 when packaged with a 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. For users looking to also have the higher-end 18-55mm f/2.8-4 lens, the price will be $1,099.95, and compared to the same kit for the X-T1, the price is $600 less.

The X-T1 comes in either silver or black, and will be compatible with Fujifilm's XC and XF lenses, along with those made by third-party providers that are compatible with the X-mount.

The X-T10 features the same, dial-outfitted, retro-inspired look of the X-T1, but it also has a new fully automatic mode that is catered towards the casual photographers that Fujifilm is targeting with the new camera. Also similar to the X-T1 is the cameras' OLED 2.36 million dot viewfinder.

The X-T10 does not skimp on power though, as it packs the same 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and the EXR II processor that can also be found in the X-T1. The camera also features a new autofocus system which has the ability to capture clear images of moving things by combining the phase detection autofocus technology found in most digital cameras and high-end smartphones with the company's own zone system, which tracks subjects as they move across the camera's frame.

The X-T10 is also capable of taking 1080p videos at a rate of 60 fps, with the camera rated at 350 images per charge that is the same rating that the X-T1 received.

The X-T10 does not have the same weather sealing system of the X-T1 though. Accessories are also far fewer for the cheaper device, one of which is a vertical grip. These omissions show that the X-T10 is meant for casual photographers, who will not be using the camera to take images in extreme situations and will not be using more advanced accessories needed by professional photographers.

"The X-T10 offers 90 percent of the X-T1 at about 60 percent of the cost," wrote The Verge, which could make the digital camera one of the best bargains in the market.

Fujifilm said that the X-T10 will be made available by June.

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