Tom Hanks Shows David Letterman How To Use A Selfie Stick [Video]


Tom Hanks knew it could be his last interview with the legendary David Letterman on The Late Show, so he made sure it was a memorable one.

Julia Roberts once kissed Letterman and George Clooney once handcuffed him, but all Tom Hanks wanted from the legendary late show host was a memory using his purchased innovative stick.

The multi-awarded actor, appearing as a guest on the last week of The Late Show, pulled out a selfie stick in an instant, got a smartphone from his coat and gave Letterman a free lesson on how to use the invention.

Although the device initially confused the late-night host, Hanks clarified what it was and explained why it is acceptable these days.

"Wait a minute, what is this?" the soon-to-be-retired host laughed as he grabbed the stick and kiddingly waved it as a golf club.

Hanks revealed that his lovely wife, Rita Wilson, "announced when they first came out that we would never ever have a selfie stick in the house." Then, he enlightened the audience that they sell these universal accessories "all over Florence, which was the birthplace of the Renaissance," making the selfie stick an authentic invention.

After struggling a bit to set up the device as he loosened the phone from the stick instead of securing it, Hanks snapped a picture of the pair with the famous set in the background by placing the camera high enough that it masked their double chins.

The Oscar winner jokingly guessed that, after retiring, Letterman might want to go somewhere like Space Camp, and as a tourist, this "bad boy," referring to the selfie stick, would be great company.

Letterman acknowledged that the device gives the impression that somebody else has taken the photograph for you.

"Which will work for you Dave, because that will mean you've been on vacation with a friend," Hanks cheered.

During an interview with CBS Sunday Morning's Jane Pauley, Letterman said that when he walked out of the Ed Sullivan Theater Wednesday night, it would be for the last time. He expressed indecision about keeping the desk that he has sat behind for decades. He also mentioned that there will be a party after the last airing, but it is not one he is looking forward to attending.

Guests on the May 19 episode will be Bob Dylan and Bill Murray. They have not announced any guests for the last episode of Letterman's show.

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