It's the Zuta mini robotic printer. Sorry, it's not your car freshener


In an age where almost everything is going mobile, Zuta Labs Ltd. has started a Kickstarter campaign for a tiny, mobile printer that can print documents anywhere, anytime.

"Finally! Mobile printing is really here! A printer that goes where you go & prints from your phone on any size page!" Zuta Labs enthusiastically says on The Mini Mobile Robotic Printer's Kickstarter page. "The future is now!"

At first glance, Zuta Labs' Mini Mobile Robotic Printer looks like a car freshener. However, the diminutive device is packed with modern technology and will soon be able to interface with a wide variety of devices like smartphones and tablets to print documents on the go.

"Everything today has gone mobile. Thanks to our smartphones, tablets and laptops we can leave our office while staying fully connected by doing work on the go. Well, almost..." says Zuta Labs. "There is one device that got left behind and seemed to miss the "mobile revolution train"-  The Printer."

To use the Mini Mobile Robotic Printer, users simply place the device on top of a piece of paper. Once the device is connected to a laptop or a desktop computer, the printing can commence. For now, the device can wirelessly connect to computers. However, the Zuta Labs team is currently developing companion apps for iOS and Android.

"The printer is activated by sliding a hatch at the bottom of the printer which will reveal the inkjet," Zuta Labs adds. "The USB connection for battery charging is also located on the bottom of the device. The inkjet lasts for over 1,000 printed pages and the battery lasts for over one hour per full-charge. The first version will print in grayscale."

The Mini Mobile Robotic printer can print grayscale text and graphics onto papers of varying sizes. The company behind the tiny printer says that the first version will only print in grayscale but colored versions may soon follow.

Zuta Labs' mini printing wonder uses an omni-wheel system to allow it to turn in any direction. The printer can dish out text and graphics at a speed of 1.2ppm and current resolutions can reach 96x192 dpi. However, the resolution will be bumped up in the final product when it is released. The current version also comes in two colors, Titanium white and Mars black.

The product was first conceptualized back in March 2013 but Zuta Labs expects that they will be able to ship out the first Kickstarter orders by January of next year.

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