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Can genetic engineering bring extinct passenger pigeons back?

Scientists may soon attempt to revive an extinct bird species. If successful, the world may once again catch a glimpse of the passenger pigeon, a previously common species of bird that went extinct in the early 1900s.

Earth/Environment June 21, 2014

Spiders add fish to their diet. Forget insects

Unlike most spiders that prefer to spin webs to catch insects as prey, scientists have discovered another type of spider which catch fish for food. The fish-eating spiders have been seen fishing for prey almost two times their own size.

Animals June 19, 2014

Meet Mercuriceratops Gemini, a horned-dinosaur with a Roman god's helmet

Scientists have named a new horned dinosaur with a bony frill reminiscent of the wings on the Roman god Mercury's helmet. The dinosaur has aptly been named Mercuriceratops Gemini.

Animals June 19, 2014

Citizen scientists delay return of ISEE-3. Here's the revised plan

While the plans to regain full control of the decommission satellite ISEE-3 are going through certain delays, the civilian scientists behind the project are still pushing through.

Space June 17, 2014

Warming Arctic spells less extreme cold for U.S., Europe

Contrary to previous assumptions, a new study hints that arctic warming may lead to fewer extreme cold weather events. The study covers parts of Europe, Asia and the US.

Earth/Environment June 16, 2014

USDA Wildlife Services killed 4 million animals in 2013. Justified or just too much?

In 2013, the federal government culled more than 4 million wild animals. The state-sanctioned culling included black bears, prairie dogs, coyotes, bobcats and even a bald eagle and golden eagles.

Earth/Environment June 9, 2014

Computer passes Turing Test, poses as 13-year-old boy and fools humans

In a historic moment for AI development, a supercomputer named Eugene Goostman has finally passed the Turing Test. The computer can successfully fool humans into thinking that it is a 13 year old boy.

Apps/Software June 9, 2014

Rats feel regret, recognize missed opportunities: Study

Neuroscientists have determined that rats may also be capable of feeling 'regret.' This marks the first time that this type of emotion was scientifically verified in an animal.

June 9, 2014

Koalas don't hug trees to be cute but to cool down

Researchers have discovered why Koalas like hugging trees. Aside from looking cute, hugging trees serves to cool down koalas during hot days.

Earth/Environment June 6, 2014

Kepler-10c is 'Godfather Earth'. Is this rocky planet home to alien life?

Astronomers discovered what could be a new class of exoplanet known as a "Mega-Earth." This new rocky exoplanet is 17 times more massive than the Earth.

Space June 4, 2014

Big Brother creator will launch reality TV show in search of Mars One crew

Big Brother creator Endemol has teamed up with Mars One in order to document the Mars One astronaut selection process. A new reality TV show on the subject is now in the works.

Space June 4, 2014

Eruption of Alaska's Pavlof volcano intensifies, ash cloud reaches 22,000 feet

Local volcanologists have reported that the latest eruption of Mount Pavlof is intensifying. While the volcanic activity in the area is increasing, experts say that the eruption is still considered as a low level eruption.

Animals June 3, 2014

NASA's IRIS films rare gigantic solar flare [Video]

The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS), NASA's latest solar observatory, has captured its very first coronal mass ejection (CME). It seems the first time's' the charm for the IRIS as the first ever CME it has recorded may be one for the record books.

Space June 3, 2014

Alien over Hawaii? No. It's NASA's Mars flying saucer testing it's parachute

NASA is finally getting ready to test their Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD). The flying saucer shaped decelerator will be put through its first high altitude test in the skies above Hawaii this June 3.

Space June 3, 2014

Jacque Cousteau's grandson will stay in underwater laboratory for 31 days

In an attempt to break the record for the longest underwater stay for a human, the grandson of renowned oceanographer Jacques Cousteau will be spending over a month in an underwater lab. Fabien Cousteau will be staying in the Florida International University's Aquarius lab.

Animals June 3, 2014

Ants have a more complex network than Google

Move over Google. A new study shows that ant colonies utilize highly complex communication systems that can rival the massive networks used by tech companies like Google.

Animals May 30, 2014

Zebras now hold record of longest migration of African land mammals

Scientists tracking a population of Plains zebra using GPS technology have determined that the animals traveled approximately 311 miles while migrating. The zebras now hold the record of the longest terrestrial migration ever documented.

Animals May 29, 2014

Oversized human brain explains evolution of our weak muscles: Brain wins over brawn

New research reinforces previous beliefs that human evolution focused on brain development instead of muscles. The new findings delve into the evolutionary matter of brain over brawn.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 29, 2014

Swarms of lake flies invade Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin

Spring is in full bloom in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin, The birds are chirping, the trees have regained their full splendor, the flowers are blooming and the lake flies are swarming.

Earth/Environment May 22, 2014

Scientists complete genome study of dampwood termite, compare sequence with other social insects

Scientists have finally mapped the termite genome. The new findings could lead to a deeper understand of social insects and how they evolved.

Animals May 22, 2014

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