'Witcher 3' Exploit Gives You Infinite Money—And It Does Not Involve Milking Cows


CD Projekt Red has acknowledged The Witcher 3's secret cow level and it says its working to bring the infinite money event to an end.

A recently discovered exploit in the recently launched game has been tempting players with infinite money, in game. Cows, possibly related to this herd, respawn after the player character Geralt slaughters a bunch of cows, harvests their hides, sell then for a pouch of gold and then mediates for a couple of hours.

It's not a bug or a glitch. It's a good old-fashioned exploit, a loophole that's yet to be closed by the game masters at developer CD Projekt Red. The best place to take advantage of this exploit is at White Orchard.

Before trotting over to White Orchard to put a herd of cows to the sword, know that they don't actually respawn. More cows will spawn in to replace those slaughtered, but the carcasses won't disappear -- that's right, each brick of The White Wolf's empire will have been set at the cost of a cow's life.

In lore, CD Projectk Red Spokesman Bobbe Malinka, senior scribe of Nilfgaard Press Department, says the issue is under investigation and Nilfgaardian officials are exploring solutions to address the economy-breaking influx of cowhides.

"Sustained cow slaughter may influence local economy and job market by allowing an unnaturally fast accumulation of goods, and also produces an undesirable effect of breaking gamer immersion," Malinka says.

There will be zero tolerance for poaching, Milinka goes on. "cow exploiters" will be prosecuted to the "fullest extent of Nilfgaardian law," he says.


The cow exploit doesn't break the game, though it can be used to do so. It'll be fixed eventually. But in the meantime, players seeking to enjoy the game without cheating it can simply avoid the exploit. A much more fair knock on the developer may be it's overestimation of its ability to deliver a final product that looks as good as the game's early trailer.

Check out this video detailing the exploit, from the player who discovered the cowhide racket:

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