Battlefield 4 Spring Update Arrives May 26: Schedule, Gun Master Deathmatch, New Weapons, And Other Improvements


Developer Dice vowed to keep Battlefield 4 regularly updated, as parent and publisher EA pushes the game's cops-and-criminals successor Battlefield: Hardline. Battlefield 4's upcoming Spring Update arrives on May 26 and it will bring with it the return of Gun Master, five new weapons and another round of fixes for that Frostbite 3 netcode.

Battlefield 4 Community manager Muhammad "The Fix Now" Al-kaisy briefed Battlefield soldiers on the Spring Update in a blog post on Battlelog. Dice definitely isn't done delivering new content to Battlefield 4, he stated.

"As previously mentioned, there are 5 new weapons incoming as well as a full weapons balance pass and the return of the party mode 'Gun Master,' and what would an update be without some netcode improvements," says Al-kaisy.

The Spring Update will require an hour to deploy on each of the game's platform, during which time multiplayer will be unavailable.

The update will bring a new gun to each of the game's five weapons categories: assault rifle, carbine, PDW, light machine gun and a new sidearm that can be used as a sniper rifle.

The return of Gun Master will be offered in five flavors: Classic, Standard, Pistol, DLC and Troll. Standard and Classic will offer variations of the game's core arms, Pistol will focus on side arms, DLC will make use of DLC weapons and then there's Troll.

"Seeing how Gun Master is a 'party mode,' we had to make a silly weapon list too! This one starts out with ballistic shields (as weapons) and it's downhill from there," said David Sirland, Battlefield 4 live producer, in an earlier post on Battlelog.

Borrowing a book from Valve's book of CounterStrike, Dice created Gun Master for Battlefield 3 and released it in the game's Close Quarters DLC.

"Gun Master is played like a Team Deathmatch game," said Sirland. "The twist is that you don't get to choose the weapons used. You swap weapons every time you get two consecutive kills on an opponent and whoever is the first player to get a kill with the final weapon wins!"

As far as the netcode issues, Sirland said the Spring Update seeks to deliver significant improvement to client side stability on all platforms. The PC version's fixes were tested out in Battlefield 4's community test environment.

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