For comic book fans, the Batman: Arkham games are the standard by which all other superhero titles are measured. Not only are they fantastic Batman games, but amazing games overall - it doesn't really matter if you're into the comics, the games are just straight-up fun to play. Batman: Arkham Knight looks to keep that trend going - Rocksteady's swan song to the Dark Knight is shaping up to be one of the biggest games of the year.

That being said, not everyone's down with Batman's new armored look. Sure, Bruce Wayne's always been a bit bulky in the Batman: Arkham games, but he's basically wearing a set of power armor in Arkham Knight. To some, it just doesn't feel like Batman - not to worry, as Rocksteady is already working on pleasing fans of a more traditional Batman look.

See, fans won't be limited to a single set of armor come launch day. For those who pre-order the game, Rocksteady is throwing two extra armor sets: one based off of the criminally underrated Batman Beyond, and another based on Frank Miller's amazing Dark Knight Returns. While it's true that versions of these costumes have appeared in other Batman: Arkham games before, the latest versions have been redesigned from the ground up...

Compared to the versions of the costumes that appeared in previous games, the Arkham Knight versions are a pretty huge departure. The simplicity of The Dark Knight Returns costume means that most of the changes are subtle (such as the new Bat-shoulder pads), but the Batman Beyond suit is a far cry from its original inspiration. While the version that appeared in Arkham City wasn't perfect (Batman looked like some sort of demon in it), this version almost looks like a re-worked update of the villainous Arkham Knight's armor...

The Batman Beyond and Dark Knight Returns costumes aren't the only ones available: anyone purchasing the huge Batman: Arkham Knight 'Serious Edition' will receive a costume based on the Dark Knight's first-ever appearance in 1939 (along with several other goodies). Given the franchise's history, these three costumes are only the first of many, especially if Nightwing and Robin receive and upgraded wardrobe as well.

Regardless of your opinion on the Dark Knight's new looks, his latest game isn't all that far off: Batman: Arkham Knight is set for launch on June 23.

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