Watch As This Artist Carves 'Pokemon' - With A Chainsaw


Love it or hate it, Pokemon is never, ever going away.

It's been a global phenomenon for well over a decade, and as a result, there have been some amazing fan tributes to the franchise throughout the years: illustrations, animation, clothing, costumes, homemade figures, you name it. Pokemon fans are some of the most dedicated out there, and the art they come up with proves it.

Even with the millions and millions of different pieces of fan art on the Internet, there are some that simply stand out from the rest. That being said, it's a bit easier to stand out when you're holding up a chainsaw, but that's beside the point.

That's right: the latest and greatest piece of over-the-top Pokemon fan art wasn't drawn, animated or stitched together. Austin-based chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey (who also did a killer Groot statue in the past) was recently challenged to carve something from the long-running series. Despite the fact that she wasn't allowed to use any of the franchise's mascots, it wasn't long before Ramsey had created a fitting tribute to one of the series' lesser-known monsters.

When you think about it, Sudowoodo is the perfect Pokemon to carve out of wood. Despite the fact that it's a Rock-Type (the series can get confusing), the Pokemon is basically a walking tree — all that's left to do is find the perfect block of wood and get to carving.

Of course, Pokemon's just not the same without an electric mouse running around, which accounts for Pichu's surprise appearance. Sure, it's a bit random for Pichu to just show up out of nowhere, but who's going to argue when it turns out this cute?

This isn't the first time Ramsey's carved something from a video game, either: her YouTube channel is chock-full of various tributes to a wide variety of franchises, ranging from a mounted version of Diablo's head to a ridiculously-detailed rendition of Majora's Mask. There's even a few pieces based on TV shows like Game of Thrones and Futurama, too.

Sure — on most occasions, Pokemon and chainsaws probably wouldn't go all that well together. In this instance, however, it worked out perfectly.

To see more of Griffon Ramsey's work, head on over to her YouTube channel.

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