Our talented friend, chainsaw artist Griffon Ramsey, is at it again. And this time, she's outdone herself.

Previously, we've featured examples of her work, such as her carving of Elsa from Frozen, and her incredibly lifelike model of Guardians of the Galaxy's Groot. For most of her work, Ramsey takes requests from fans on Twitter, and that was the case for her latest piece, as well. It's a life-sized replica of the title facepiece from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.

As always, Ramsey has created a cool video that shows her process of creating the piece (embedded below). In it, she explains that Majora's Mask is one of her most-requested items. She also notes that since the mask is made from wood in the game, it's a natural fit for what she does.

As all good Nintendo fans know, Majora's Mask was recently remade and re-released for the latest edition of the 3DS handheld device, the 3DS XL. There's even a special edition 3DS XL that's gold-colored and features an image of the mask on one side.

The video shows Ramsey carving the basic, heart-shaped head and some of the lines around the eyes with her trademark chainsaws. Next, she works on the finer details with some powerful sanding tools, giving the mask truly 3D features. Once satisfied with the face, she takes the time to carve-and-sand the ten spikes for the outer edge, each from a separate piece of wood. A little gluing, some more sanding, and some nice painting skills later, and voila. The result is a mask that's much more life-like than the one in the game — so much so, it's almost spooky.

This one-of-a-kind item is available to purchase from Griffon Ramsey's online store for a cool $850. But she warns potential buyers that this piece is intended strictly for displaying on a wall. It's a life-sized mask, but it's far too heavy to be worn. It measures a hefty 23" wide, 18" high and 6" deep.

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