On the day many people are scrambling to file a tax return Google has launched a rare opportunity to buy its Google Glass in a one-day sale event.

As TechTimes reported last week the search titan is giving Glass fans the chance to become a Glass Explorer and buy their own Glass specs for the price of $1,500 plus tax. The sale started at 6 a.m. PST time.

The Glass site invites buyers, who must be based in the U.S., from moms to mountain climbers, to make, tinker, create and help shape the future of Glass.

Those shopping get the chance to customize their Glass specs by choosing various shades, frame and even earbuds. The Glass comes with a cable and charger, a mono earbud and even a pouch.

Buyers can choose from five colors: charcoal, tangerine, cotton, shale and sky. There are four frame options: curve, bold, thin and split. There are three shade options: edge, classic and active.

As of Tuesday morning, EST time, Google's Glass blog provided no update on the sale event. The original post announcing the sale does note the number of Glass for sale is limited.

Would-be buyers should be aware that wearing Google Glass comes with a price and isn't something to consider lightly given news that Glass wearers are being accosted in public. As TechTimes reports today users have been thrown out of bars and even been ticketed by police.

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