Since we heard about Dragon Ball Z's return after a 20-year hiatus, we've been looking forward to seeing what Goku looks like in the new series. Well, that time has come, and we can't say we're excited.

The manga is set to hit on June 20, and with that, the first image of Goku as how he will look in the manga and in the TV show was released. From what we can tell, Goku looks smaller than he was 20 years ago. We're not sure if diehard fans are going to enjoy this very much.

It's a trend with modern manga and anime to make characters smaller in body size when compared with the past. We can only hope the creator makes some changes for the TV show, because this is not good enough. Maybe it is for new fans, but not so for long-time fans.

Tell us more about the new Dragon Ball Z anime:

It takes place two years after Goku defeats Majin Bu. The suit he is wearing is of Whis/Birus, who are now training him. We understand that this continuation wipes the GT saga from being canon, a bold move, but a necessary one since the GT saga has always been the weak spot.

We're happy to see the creator of Dragon Ball Z coming up with this new continuation that removes GT from existence. However, we have to wonder what will become of the Super Saiyan 4 level since it was the highlight of the saga. Maybe the writers will explore this transformation in the new series, or maybe they will completely put it in the dustbin.

We hope they do, because Goku in this form looks excellent and extremely powerful. It will be a loss if this transformation fails to stay on as canon because it was arguably the only good thing to come out of the GT saga.

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