Allen Iverson was 38 years old when he officially announced his retirement from basketball in 2013.

By basketball standards, that was just the right age. But two weeks shy of turning the big 4-0, Iverson still dreams of being on ESPN again... just this time, as a professional fisherman.

"I want to become a professional fisherman," A.I. told Bleacher Report as part of a feature story, adding that he spends a chunk of his time these days purchasing rods, hooks and other tools at Bass Pro Shops. "I want to get good enough to compete with the best in the world and be on ESPN. I'm good right now, but I could be the best. That's my dream right now. I'm really going to make it happen."

At six feet and 165 pounds soaking wet, Iverson overcame all of the odds — becoming an NBA MVP (2001) and an 11-time All-Star with a solid chance of becoming a Hall of Famer in the near future. And that was after a stellar high school football career — one he could have easily pursued over hoops.

So, who's to say that A.I. can't have "The Answer" with a fishing rod and bait as a professional fisherman? We're not about to kill his dreams. In fact, we'd love to see it play out. We just hope that pro bass fishermen don't try to build a dress code around Iverson, the way the NBA did.

We must say, A.I. looked pretty savvy, catching this bass and schooling rapper Nelly a few years ago in a little competitive fishing contest.

Like opposing point guards trying to defend Iverson in the NBA for years, this bass didn't stand a chance.

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