Apple launched the first iPad in 2010 and the tablet revolutionized the tablet industry. Since then the company has launched many versions of the iPad in 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch display.

Apple had never introduced a stylus with any of its iPads but a stylus can come in handy for many iPad users when it comes to writing, drawing, painting and more.

Many third-party styluses are available in the market and the "Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point," "Wacom Bamboo Stylus" and "Sensu Artist Brush And Stylus" are some of them. Here's a look at which of these three iPad styluses is the best for writing notes.

Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point

Most of the conventional styluses have a rubberized tip. However, the Adonit Jot Pro has a fine point tip along with a transparent plastic disk for accuracy and precision. The point of the stylus creates pressure on the plastic disk that lets a user write notes on the iPad comfortably.

The stylus is not Bluetooth-enabled and does not feature palm rejection, which may get a big annoying for users. The Adonit Jot Pro offers a great writing experience with a precision similar to that of a ballpoint pen. Several customers have also complained that the plastic disk damages the screen of the iPad but many have also revealed that the stylus is very comfortable to hold and write notes on iPad.

"The Jot Pro really is terrifically accurate: it's worlds ahead of using your finger, and was more accurate than any capacitive stylus I've used before," says Harley Ogier of PCWorld.

The stylus is available for $29.99.

Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Wacom is a Japanese company that specializes in making styluses or digital pens. Wacom's Bamboo Stylus fineline is very similar in looks to a pen and is also comfortable for taking notes, sketching, drawing and more on an iPad.

The stylus has a fine point for accuracy and precision. The stylus has Bluetooth and full support for palm rejection for uninterrupted use. There are not many apps that support the Bamboo Stylus fineline, but Wacom says that it will bring more compatible apps in the future.

"Simply write it down with this high-precision stylus. The advanced thin tip with pressure sensing gives you precise control over your iPad whether you write or sketch. It feels and looks as natural as pen on paper," per Wacom.

CNet has given a score of 8 out of 10 to the Wacom Bamboo Stylus Fineline. However, CNet also points that while the stylus is suitable for drawing, sketching and writing, it is not best suited for writing pages after pages.

The price of the Wacom Bamboo Stylus fineline is $59.99 but Best Buy is currently offering the stylus for $49.99.

Sensu Artist Brush And Stylus

As the name suggests, the Sensu product is both a brush and a stylus. The Sensu Artist Brush and Stylus is a great tool for drawing as the stylus has a rubberized point at one end and a micro-fibre brush at the other end. The soft paintbrush gives a premium feel and moves seamlessly on an iPad.

The stylus can be used for writing but it is not the best for taking notes. The stylus does not have Bluetooth, which means no palm rejection that may interrupt users while taking notes. While the stylus is not the best for writing notes it may be one of the most preferred stylus for drawing.

Talking about the Sensi Artist Brush and Stylus, The Verge says "this isn't quite going to cut it for taking notes."

The Stylus is available in the U.S. at a price tag of $39.99.

Cost conscious customers looking to take short notes may opt for Adonit Jot Pro stylus. However, people looking for a stylus to write notes may and wants Bluetooth feature that offer palm rejection and are willing to pay extra may opt for the Wacom Bamboo Stylus fineline. The Sensu stylus may attract customers who want a stylus for drawing but will divert customers who want a stylus with the main purpose of writing notes.

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