Tag Heuer's upcoming smartwatch made in collaboration with Intel and Google will launch as the Carrera Wearable 01, the company's CEO has revealed.

With the smartwatch market rapidly gaining momentum, more players are expected to join the race and Tag Heuer is one of them. The watchmaker acknowledged a while back that it's gearing up to enter the smartwatch arena with a gadget that will leverage Google and Intel tech. Not too long ago, word also came out that the Tag Heuer smartwatch will hit commercial availability sometime in October or November this year, sporting a price tag of roughly $1,400.

The official name of the smartwatch has remained a mystery so far, but Tag Heuer CEO Jean-Claude Biver now shed some light on the matter. Speaking to Wareable in a recent interview, Biver disclosed that the company's upcoming smartwatch will be called the Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01.

Considering that Tag Heuer is a renowned luxury brand, its upcoming smartwatch is expected to boast an impressive design. At the same time, the Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 should also rock powerful specifications due to the collaboration with Google and Intel.

Tag Heuer suggested that its smartwatch will be as high-end and luxurious as its other timepieces, although it will be different compared to its original Carrera Heuer 01 thanks to its Intel processor.

"There is no other choice for Tag Heuer than to have all its DNA, all its watchmaking emotion and flair into the connected watch. Somehow, one should not see from a certain distance the difference between a Carrera Heuer 01 and a Carrera Wearable 01," Biver further told Wareable.

This indicates that the upcoming Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 will launch as the smart variant of the original Carrera Heuer 01, with an Intel processor inside, but retain roughly the same luxurious design.

Earlier this year, Wareable also spoke to Tag Heuer's UK communications manager, Alexandra King, and learned a bit about the company's vision of what's to come as it prepared its entrance to the smartwatch market.

"The watch will change the technology as it develops, Jean-Claude Biver was clear about that. We want to be able to change the technology but keep the watch elements," King told Wareable.

It remains to be seen just what exactly the Tag Heuer Carrera Wearable 01 will bring to the table, but with powerful tech from Google and Intel and a sleek design along the lines of the Carrera Heuer 01, it could be a real winner.

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