A new high-tech electronic headband called Thync uses electricity to change the user's mood. By emitting tiny electrical impulses, the device can either energize the wearer or reduce stress and induce a calming effect.

These days, everyone is looking for a way to change and manage his or her mood. Those who want to reduce stress and feel calmer have resorted to everything from meditation to quiet the mind to prescription drugs such as Xanax or other substances like a glass of wine or some marijuana. Conversely, those who are looking for a shot of energy are relying on everything from Red Bull to caffeine to illegal drugs for a jolt.

Now, the makers of Thync have created an electronic headband they say can induce a natural calming or energizing effect on its wearer depending on where it is placed on the head. Tiny electronic impulses are emitted that target certain nerves and muscles in the wearer depending on the desired effect — through the back of the ear to energize the user or via the temple and back of the neck to calm.

The company behind the new headband, Thync, spent almost four years testing and developing the technology, which is similar to the TENS electronic pain relief systems that are used by doctors and physical therapists and which are also available over the counter in weaker strength. Because Thync emits only about 10 percent of the electricity as a TENS device, the FDA has classified it as a wellness device rather than a health one, which would require greater scrutiny.

Isy Goldwasser, chief executive officer and co-founder of Thync, stated, "Our mission at Thync is to 'unlimit' people. Thync brings together innovations in neuroscience and engineering so you can access your own abilities. Our product will help many people improve and enjoy their life more."

The device retails for $299 and connects to the user's smartphone via Bluetooth and a dedicated app. Sessions can last anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

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