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Sugar Rush? It's Just A Myth, New Study Suggests

A new study suggested that sugar intake have virtually no health benefits and can impair mood and alertness. Consumption of sweetened beverages in the United States increased by 135 percent from the late 1970s to early 2000s.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 10, 2019

Health Benefits Of Sex? Frequent Sexual Activity Adds More Meaning To Life, Says Study

In a study, women were asked about their current significant relationship, the longevity of their relationship, and how meaningful they thought their life was. Researchers have found that having high sexual activity suggested that people had a positive mood the next day. 

Healthy Living/Wellness February 10, 2018

Curry Ingredient Curcumin May Improve Mood And Memory In Just 18 Months

Curcumin, an ingredient found in Indian curry, were linked to improvements in memory and mood of participants in an 18-month study. Those who consumed curcumin also showed less signals of tau and amyloid, proteins associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Healthy Living/Wellness January 24, 2018

Study: Mood-Reporting App Could Help Understand Patients With Moderate-To-Severe Depression

Research shows monitoring mood with an app can help gauge depression levels in patients.

Apps/Software May 17, 2016

Peppermint Tea May Help Boost Long And Short-Term Memory

Peppermint tea may help enhance mood and memory, a new study has found. Experts say that compared to chamomile, which has calming effects, peppermint tea provides more alertness and cognition to people, especially in older adults.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 30, 2016

You Can Make Yourself Happier By Listening To Modified Sound Of Your Own Voice: Other Ways To Improve Your Mood

Listening to a happier or sadder version of your own voice can unconsciously change your mood, as revealed by a new study. Scientists developed a new digital audio platform that could manipulate sounds.

Life January 14, 2016

Blame Your Parents For Your Impulsive Nature: Genetics Influence Choice Between Smaller Rewards Now Or Bigger Ones Later

Past studies showed people who go for smaller, immediate rewards carry bigger risks in struggling with addiction and impulsivity. New research found specific genes influence a person's decision-making tendencies.

Life December 11, 2015

Feeling Depressed? Eating Vanilla Yogurt Can Make You Feel Good

Food has varying effects on people's mood. In a new study, researchers found that eating vanilla yogurt can help improve mood and combat feelings of being depressed.

Life November 12, 2015

Want To Improve Your Golf Score By Two Strokes? A Cup Of Coffee Might Help

Researchers conducted a small study and found that taking caffeine supplements equivalent to one cup of coffee before each game helps golfers score better by two strokes. The caffeine group in the experiment also reported less fatigue and more energy.

Sports August 29, 2015

High-Tech Electronic Headband Uses Electricity To Change Your Mood

Thync is a new high-tech electronic headband that uses electricity to change the user's mood. In 5 to 20 minutes, low-level electrical impulses result in either a calming or energizing effect.

Wearable Tech June 10, 2015

Researchers Find Link Between Depression And Fuzzy Thinking

Fuzzy thinking and depression? It’s not all in your head. The two are indeed connected, as researchers have found, opening up potential opportunities for diagnosis and treatment.

Life May 6, 2015

Google Play Music gets personal and even a bit moody

Google Play seeks to stream mood music, now that it has begun its integration with Songza. The app's face also gets a makeover, thanks to Android's Material Design language.

Apps/Software October 21, 2014

Turns out comfort food may not be so comforting

A new study found that eating comfort food when feeling sad does not make people feel better. It appears that food and memory have a bigger connection than food and mood do.

Internet Culture October 9, 2014

Can Facebook make you in a good or bad mood?

A new study found that when people are in a bad mood, they tend to look at profiles of unsuccessful social media friends to feel better about themselves.

Internet Culture October 3, 2014

Mood of Facebook posts may be contagious

Researchers observed that emotions are contagious on social media with negative posts spawning additional negative posts and positive posts likewise resulting in more positive posts.

Life March 14, 2014

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