Watch Stephen Colbert Say Buh-bye To 'Colbeard' In Preparation For 'The Late Show'


What better way to debut yourself as the new host for CBS's Late Show than to release your first video under its banner? Stephen Colbert's ode to his "Colbeard" video did not disappoint.

Though there are three more months before The Late Show with Stephen Colbert formally airs, the new host is giving viewers and fans a glimpse of what to expect come September.

In this hilarious five-minute-plus self-parody, Colbert spends almost four minutes slowly shaving off his "Colbeard" in preparation for taking over hosting duties from David Letterman. Colbert explores different looks like the "not Hitler" and an Amish style, even trying out the half-Wolverine look.

"I have an adamantium skeleton, but I don't have claws, and I don't heal instantly," Colbert says in reference to the Wolverine look.

The reason for getting rid of the Colbeard? Colbert says "CBS is making me shave it off because Tom Selleck's mustache has a non-compete clause." After almost covering his hotdog lunch with beard shavings, Colbert finally settles for the old-time dependable clean-shaven look.

The humorous clip also showcases a flashback of Colbert and his Colbeard in memorable moments like taking walks in the park with a balloon, Colbert and his beard each enjoying a cone of ice cream and watching a movie, with the Colbeard decked out in its own movie glasses.

"Wow, that flashback montage was the hardest I've worked in months," Colbert says.

The Colbert Report on Comedy Central aired its final episode last December, while Letterman did his last show on May 20. It will be interesting to see how Colbert's wit and humor will par with Letterman's style of hosting the iconic show.
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will air on Tuesday, September 8.

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