The first set of video games to be inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame at The Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY., has been selected, including a number of classics.

These video games were selected based on things like iconic status, longevity, geographic reach and influence.

"The games in the inaugural class of The Strong's World Video Game Hall of Fame span multiple decades, countries of origin, and gaming platforms, but all have significantly affected the video game industry, popular culture, and society in general," said the museum in a statement.

The oldest game on the list is Pong, which was first released in 1972, and according to the museum launched the video game industry. The game was certainly not the first video game, although it was the first to garner widespread attention and success.

The next game on the list is Pac-Man, which was first released back in 1980. While simple, the game became a cultural phenomenon. In fact, Pac-Man became the best-selling arcade game of all time.

Released in 1984, the third game to make the list was Tetris, which was developed in the Soviet Union and soon spread to other Eastern European countries. With its recognizable theme song, when Nintendo began packaging the game with the first Game Boy, it spread all over the planet.

Next up is the great Super Mario Bros., which was released in 1985 and fast became one of the most iconic games in history. Mario himself first appeared in Donkey Kong as Jumpman, but he eventually got his own game, essentially reinvigorating the video game industry.

Doom is the second-to-last game on the list, and was released in 1993. The game also introduced the concept of a video game engine, which separated a game's basic functions from things like artwork. This was also one of the earlier game's that encouraged multiplayer action.

Last but not least, World of Warcraft is the newest game on the list, with tens of millions of players playing together in the WoW universe. Players essentially create their own avatars and explore an open world that evolves over time. The game had its peak in October 2010 with 12 million active players, and in February 2015 it still boasted 10 million.

There are many other games that could have made the final cut, from the likes of Sonic the Hedgehog to The Legend of Zelda. More games will be added to the Hall of Fame over time, with the current list being created based on a public voting system.

Photo: Sam Howzit | Flickr

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