Ahead of its rumored E3 appearance, Dark Souls 3 screenshots and details have leaked out into the streets of the Internet, according to reports.

Dark Souls 3 will arrive on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 next year, but the game's arrival on PC is listed as "negotiable" right now.

YouTube user "The Know" dumped the Dark Souls 3 screenshots and gameplay details into seven-minute-long video. Earlier in the week, VG247, citing unnamed sources, asserted that Dark Souls 3 will be making an appearance at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in a few days.

Hidetaka Miyazaki -- director of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Bloodborne -- will guide the Dark Souls 3 project, taking on a more hands-on approach than he had taken with Dark Souls 2, the unnamed sources stated. VG247's sources couldn't pin down which console Dark Souls 3 will be presented on at E3, but placed their bets on Sony winning that honor.

The Know's leak of what appears to be Dark Souls 3 details adds more weight to the rumor of the game being shown at E3, which runs from June 16 to 18. Despite the possibility that The Know's information is fabricated, the screenshots looks like something gamers would expect from From Software's next entry into the Dark Souls series.

What the Leak Says.

Dark Souls 3 will be about the size of the first Dark Souls and will be composed of 12 areas. The game will feature 10 classes, all of which will be available from the beginning. There will be 45 new enemies and 15 new bosses, which doesn't account for returning bosses. Also, bosses have been given a "heat up" mechanic.

Dark Souls 3 will introduce sacrificing, which can be used to create bonfires or to haunt other players' games. These "sacrifice ceremonies" require players to dedicate the deaths of their enemies for either of the aforementioned tasks. To make sure the sacrifice ceremonies raise enough goosebumps, From Software is also allowing players to summon non-playable characters to attend the ceremonial death services.

For those who like to watch movies while they are playing their games, Dark Souls 3 will include about an hour of cut scenes. Most of the cut scenes will be rendered in the game's engine.

Lastly, Dark Souls 3 will include what's being called "sword fighting arts," which seems to indicate that the game will have a heavier focus on sword fighting techniques. Less dive roll and chug, more dancing and dicing and cutting a rug... or an enemy.

Check out The Know's video leak of Dark Souls 3 details and then stop by the Comments section to let us know what you think about what's "known" so far:

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