Augmented reality (AR) startup Magic Leap encouraged tech enthusiast to believe in magic and the power of illusion, when the Google-backed company launched a 90-second trailer a month ago that showed how its tech can animated an office. While Magic Leap isn't quite ready for a full on reveal of its AR headset, the secretive company just announced that it is opening up its platform to developers.

During a speech at MIT Technology Review's EmTech Digital, Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz announced that his company was opening up its software development kit (SDK) to third-party developers. And while most of the details of the AR headset and its software infrastructure remain up the company's sleeves and under its top hat, Magic Leap intends for its platform to open to all developers eventually.

"We're about having a completely open platform for every app developer, artist, writer, and film maker," said Abovitz. "We're going to open it up for the world."

Developers interested in devoting a significant portion of their lives to the new Magic Leap platform can sign up for an invitation into the company's shadowy realm.

"For the time being, we're being a little tight-lipped in what we're communicating publicly, but under the appropriate non-disclosures, we'd love to talk possibilities," says Magic Leap.

Last fall, Magic Leap blipped on the tech world's radar when it announced that it has just received $542 million in a B series funding round that was led by Google.

Those who have witnessed Magic Leap in person have stated their belief that the technology is years away from a consumer release. In any case, it appears development is on track and moving a solid pace if the company is just about ready to open up its SDK to developers.

Magic Leap leverages sorcery it calls Dynamic Digitized Lightfield Signal, which employs projectors to send light patterns to the eyes of the AR headset's wearers. AR technology blends digital imagery into the real world so much that fabricated is indistinguishable from the true, according to Magic Leap.

"Imagine what experiences you could create if you had this ability," says Magic Leap. "Imagine how this would completely transform how people interact with both the digital and real-worlds. Imagine you being one of the first to help transform the world forever."

In case you missed, check out Magic Leap's trailer shown:

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