Barbie has finally kicked off her high heels after 56 long years, but no, she is not calling it a day—instead she is opting for flats!

So after over five decades of sporting painfully high heels (ouch!), Barbie can finally sing life in plastic is fantastic (remember Aqua?).

With the makers discarding the stilettos in favor of ballerinas, does it mean that Barbie will not be well-heeled anymore?! Jokes apart, maker Mattel is looking to give Barbie a makeover with a new lineup of dolls under its Fashionistas collection.

The toy maker's Fashionistas range of Barbies will have dolls that have adjustable ankles so that she can slip into flats, a departure from the lineup since 1959 when Barbie's feet could only slide into heels.

The new Barbie collection basically comes with "articulated ankles" that are capable of bending into new positions.

"With new articulated ankles, this Barbie doll can go from flat to fabulous in a flash, giving girls more options than ever before! She comes with two pairs of shoes—a pair of run-around-ready black flats and a pair of glam pink heels decorated with black flowers," said Mattel.

Launched by Mattel in January, the Fashionistas range of Barbies boasts 23 dolls, of which 17 are already on sale. The Barbies sport eight different types of skin tones, 18 eye colors, 22 hairstyles, 14 facial sculpts that are unique, and 23 hair colors.

Mattel reveals that this new line is representative of the "continued evolution of the Barbie brand," and the diverse dolls have been designed to be realistic and representative of the world as seen by little girls. The flat shoes is said to be a part of Barbie's "authentic street style."

With Barbie getting a makeover in the Fashionistas lineup, critics of the doll will agree that the makers are taking a step in the right direction with their attempt to make the doll more real.

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