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Lara Croft Is Getting Turned Into A 'Tomb Raider' Barbie Doll

Mattel said it will start selling the Lara Croft doll at $29.99 on Feb. 19. It will bear the likeness of Alicia Vikander who will star in the upcoming 'Tomb Raider' reboot that is slated for a March 16 debut.

Video Games February 19, 2018

Hot Wheels Brings Real-Life Classic Racing And Augmented Reality Together With Augmoto

Following its recent reveal of Hot Wheels Rocket League Rivals RC, Mattel announced another interactive toy set called the Augmoto. The product will depend on augmented reality tech to control the race.

Geek February 17, 2018

Barbie Celebrates Her 58th Birthday With The Launch Of 'Barbie Sparkle Blast' Mobile Game

Mattel launched a new match-3 game starring Barbie in celebration of her 58th birthday.

Apps/Software March 9, 2017

American Girl Dolls Will Be Sold At Toys 'R' Us This Fall

Consumers can buy select American Girl dolls at Toys 'R' Us starting this fall.

Geek August 31, 2016

Mattel Unveils Second View-Master Virtual Reality Viewer With Sharper Visuals And Better Sound

Mattel showcased a new View-Master called the Viewer DLX. In contrast with the first model, this second-generation virtual reality headset will provide better sound and improved visuals.

Gadgets February 15, 2016

Mattel Revives 'ThingMaker' As 3D Printer For Families: Toy Factory At Home

Mattel announced a partnership with Autodesk to bring the ThingMaker back. The classic toy will return as a 3D printer with apps for Android and iOS, allowing users to come up with myriads of designs for toys, jewelry and more.

Gadgets February 13, 2016

Mattel's New Set Of 'Halo 5' Action Figures And Toys Looks Amazing

Considering how successful Mattel and Microsoft's other Halo toys have been, a series of action figures was all but inevitable — and as an added bonus, they look fantastic.

Geek February 12, 2016

Barbie Is Now A Game Developer, A Spy And President Of A Company

Barbie flaunts new body types and skin types in an evolution reflecting modern women. The iconic doll also offers new careers for children to choose from.

Society January 30, 2016

Barbie Dolls Are Now Available In Different Body Shapes And Sizes

It looks like the Barbie doll line has gotten another makeover - one that has been 50 years in the making.

Movies/TV Shows January 28, 2016

Your Child’s Wi-Fi-Equipped Barbie Doll Can Be Hacked By Spies, Says Security Researcher

Before purchasing the new 'Hello Barbie' Wi-Fi-enabled doll, consider the possibilities of hackers gaining access to the doll and spying on your child.

Gadgets November 27, 2015

First Boy To Be Featured In Moschino Barbie Commercial Is 'Fierce'

Mattel has just released its first Barbie commercial that features a little boy, seen in the ad as playing with the limited edition Moschino Barbie. The Italian high fashion design house - as well as the boys who used to play with their sisters' Barbies - applaud the commercial's bold move to break gender stereotypes.

Internet Culture November 17, 2015

Ready To See Battles Between Mech-Infused Dinosaurs? Mattel Developing Dino-Riders Movie

Mattel plans to turn another animated series about its toys into a full-feature live-action movie. Take a closer look at what has been in the works for 'Dino-Riders'

Geek October 16, 2015

Mattel Wanted DC Superhero Girls Dolls To Be More Heroic Than Pretty

Mattel's new line of DC Superhero Girls dolls and action figures reveal the kind of toys girls really want. Athletic and strong rather than pretty and girly describe the new dolls whose designs were crowdsourced from feminists and young girls.

Geek October 14, 2015

Google And Mattel’s View-Master VR Is Now On Sale For $30

Mattel released its kid-friendly, affordable View-Master VR that is available for $30.

Wearable Tech October 6, 2015

Hotly Anticipated DC Super Hero Girls Website Is Now Live

DC Comics has officially launched the website for its 'Super Hero Girls' line with hopes of drawing the attention of girls 6-12 to the DC universe.

Movies/TV Shows July 8, 2015

Comic-Con 2015: These Are The First 'Batman v. Superman' Action Figures

Comic-Con is nearly here, and toy makers are starting to reveal which exclusives they'll offer. Here's what Mattel will be selling based on 'Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.'

Movies/TV Shows July 1, 2015

Mattel Debuts Tesla Model S Hot Wheels

Mattel just rolled out its Tesla Model S car and according to reports, it's already a collector's item.

Culture June 18, 2015

After 56 Years, Barbie Kicks The High Heels For Flats

After over five decades of sporting painfully high heels, Barbie is finally getting flat shoes. Mattel's Fashionistas lineup of the dolls has adjustable ankles that make this possible.

Movies/TV Shows June 8, 2015

Mattel Partners With Quirky To Find Next Big Hit After Barbie

Toy maker Mattel has partnered with New York-based invention company Quirky to work on the next big thing after Barbie. The partnership aims to give an impetus to Mattel's core brands.

Internet Culture April 17, 2015

Hello Barbie Has A Creepy Feature But Don't Freak Out Yet [Video]

Privacy advocates seek to squash "eavesdropping Barbie." However, strengthening privacy legislation in general may be a more productive approach.

Society March 17, 2015

Talking Doll 'Hello Barbie' Draws Ire From Critics

"Downright creepy": the latest Barbie doll can hold a conversation — and let Mattel eavesdrop on kids, according to privacy advocates.

Business March 16, 2015

Hello Barbie: Mattel's Iconic Doll Will Now Don New Looks And Be Chatty To Kids

Mattel is bringing Barbie into the 21st century by connecting the toy to the Internet and giving it a voice. The doll will now be able to hold a conversation with users and get periodic updates through Wi-Fi.

Gadgets February 18, 2015

View-Master Now A VR Headset: A Look At The Evolution Of The Iconic Toy

The View-Master is about to be reborn as a virtual reality headset, so it's a perfect time to look back at the product's evolution. Here is a history of the View-Master.

Gadgets February 16, 2015

View-Master History: From Sawyers, Mattel To The Age Of Virtual Reality

The iconic children's toy from the 1930s gets a major upgrade with a little bit of virtual reality thanks to Google Cardboard.

Gadgets February 14, 2015

Google, Mattel Team Up To Revive View-Master As A VR Headset

Google and Mattel have teamed up to bring back the View-Master, which is now a Google Cardboard-like virtual reality toy for kids. The gadget marks one of the first virtual reality devices specifically made for children.

Gadgets February 13, 2015

Toy Fair 2015: Google, Mattel Team Up For Virtual Reality View-Master

Today at the Toy Industry Association's Toy Fair in New York, toymaker Mattel unveiled a collaborative effort with tech company Google to release a virtual reality upgrade to the classic toy.

Gadgets February 13, 2015

'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice': New Toy Suggests Batman's Armored Suit Has Kryptonite

A mere toy could be the key to us finding out if Batman will go up against the mighty Superman with an armored suit laced with Kryptonite. If the rumor is true, then the fight could prove disappointing.

Movies/TV Shows December 6, 2014

Sexist Barbie Book Pulled Off Shelves by Mattel: Author Speaks Out

Author of sexist Barbie book speaks out after book gets torn off the shelves, calls herself a feminist. There is someone bigger to blame, she says.

Society November 21, 2014

Computer Engineer Barbie Needs Help from Boys with Coding: Sexist Mattel Book Gets Slammed

Mattel produces a book about a computer engineer Barbie. Only Barbie doesn't know how to code and unknowingly infects her computer with a virus. Boys to the rescue!

Society November 21, 2014

Christmas Shopping 2014: The 20 toys kids want most (according to Wal-Mart)

Don't sweat the holiday shopping, parents. Wal-Mart has handicapped the most desirable toys for you, based on feedback straight from the target market: kids.

Movies/TV Shows September 11, 2014

Lego is the #1 toy maker in the world thanks to 'The Lego Movie'

Riding on the success of 'The Lego Movie,' Lego becomes the #1 toy company in the world. It even beat out Barbie.

Geek September 4, 2014

Forget Barbie. New Lammily doll looks prettier and most importantly, healthier

Lammily doll has been designed based on body proportions of an average teenage girl and the fashion doll may soon be available in toy shops. Buh-bye, Barbie.

Society March 9, 2014

Baby seat and iPad? Child advocacy group says 'Never' to Fisher-Price

An advocacy group has urged Fisher-Price to recall the Fisher-Price iPad bouncy seat.

Society December 11, 2013

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