Batman: Arkham Knight is looking like it'll be one of the best-looking console games ever released. It's clear that Rocksteady has been taking advantage of the power that next-gen consoles offer, and Arkham Knight looks astounding because of it.

However, it's PC players who will get to see Arkham Knight at its absolute best. As with most games, Rocksteady can really unload when it comes to the PC settings: while the consoles will be locked in at a steady framerate, PC players can choose to boost the game as far as their computers will allow. For those that can run the title at maximum resolution with all of the in-game options turned up to Ultra, Batman: Arkham Knight should look absolutely stunning.

On top of that, Nvidia users can push the game even further: with the developer's 'Game Works' tech running in the background, the game's particles and effects look better than any other platform can offer. Changing up the rain and fog may sound like a minor detail, but once you see it in action, it'll be hard to go back:

Up until this point, most of the footage that fans have been captured from a PlayStation 4 (Sony is pushing its newest console as the game's lead platform), and the game looks great...but with an unlocked framerate and Nvidia's Game Works running, Arkham Knight is ridiculously pretty.

It's a subtle feature, to be sure: there are plenty of gamers who probably wouldn't even notice the effects without someone pointing them out, and the trade-off between turning the feature on and how well the game runs might not be worth it for some. For those who can run the game on max settings, however, Game Works is just that little bit extra that pushes the game from 'fantastic' to 'absolutely gorgeous.'

And, as with many of the company's optimized titles, Nvidia is giving away a free copy of Batman: Arkham Knight with a purchase of select graphics cards or notebooks. If you were waiting to upgrade your hardware, now's not a bad time to do it - you can check out what qualifies over at Nvidia's official site.

Thankfully, the wait's almost over: Batman: Arkham Knight is set for release on June 23.

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