Batman: Arkham Knight is nearly here, and it seems like every day there is a new trailer for the big finale to Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy.

Our latest look at the game doesn't actually star Batman at all. Instead, it's a full trailer starring none other than Red Hood, the Robin-turned-gun-toting-vigilante who isn't afraid to break Batman's number one rule.

In the trailer you'll see Red Hood dish out some street justice to a number of enemies. Despite wielding two handguns, Red Hood isn't afraid to dive straight into the melee combat that has made this game series famous. The major difference is that instead of knocking out his opponents like Batman does, Red Hood simply executes them at point-blank range with a gunshot. Check out Red Hood in action below.

There is only one problem: you have to pre-order at Gamestop in order to snag this DLC pack free of charge. Otherwise you will have to pay for it separately.

There are a huge number of retailer excluse Batman: Arkham Knight pre-order bonuses. Most of them, however, are various outfits or Batmobile skins that add very little meaningful content to the game. The Red Hood Story Pack, on the other hand, is an extra dose of single-player story missions that players will completely miss out on if they decide to pick up the game somewhere other than Gamestop.

Simply pre-ordering the game anywhere will also snag you the Harley Quinn Story Pack, which adds one new prequel story mission where players can play as the Joker's favorite girl.

It's all kind of confusing and more than a little annoying, but there is no denying that these pieces of DLC look cool. Too bad it's near impossible to snag them all.

Batman: Arkham Knight releases on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on June 23.

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