Things haven't been going well for Mega Man these past few years. Despite the character still pulling in sales, Capcom seemingly axed every single one of the Blue Bomber's projects: Mega Man Legends 3 was cancelled after Capcom tried to make gamers pay for a demo, Mega Man Universe was cancelled after failing to impress fans with its build-your-own-stages mechanic and Mega Man's best project of the last several years was in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

It's a shame, too: the Blue Bomber helped push the Nintendo Entertainment System into the mainstream, and Capcom seemingly wants nothing to do with him. There are decades worth of history there, not to mention that the series has spun off in at least five different directions - surely, there has to be something that Capcom can do with one of its most popular characters.

Apparently, that 'something' is to release an HD collection of the first six games in the core Mega Man franchise. If that sounds familiar, it should: the Mega Man Legacy Collection won't be the first time Capcom has consolidated the classic Mega Man games.

The main focus of the Mega Man Legacy Collection is the six core games on the NES. Mega Man through Mega Man 6 will all be available in HD on current-gen platforms this summer (with a 3DS port coming this winter). For the first time in a Mega Man collection, players will be able to save replays, compare scores on leader boards and play through a specialized Challenge Mode.

Here's the thing: Capcom has done all of this before, on multiple occasions. In fact, the Mega Man Anniversary Collection featured Mega Man 7 and 8 on top of the first six games - sure, there weren't any leaderboards or replays, but why is a package from over a decade ago a better deal than the one fans are getting today?

For those who are confused as to why everyone loves Mega Man so much, the Legacy Collection should be a great place to start. Longtime fans, on the other hand, probably have one of the arguably better compilations - and it'll take more than a replay feature to get gamers to buy it all over again.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection is due out this summer, with the 3DS version following in winter.

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