Users can pay Domino's Pizza with their Google Wallet account via the new Android app that has just been launched. The move is seen as a step forward for the large pizza company in their effort to move into new and social media to increase their customer base.

Domino's Pizza, which is arguably the largest and leader in pizza delivery across the United States, the idea is to allow customers who have an Android device to pay online their orders using the Google Wallet digital app. It is expected to increase revenue and make doing business through your smartphone easier.

As part of the promotional effort in launching the new app, customers who place an order of $10 or more with the "Buy with Google" customers will also receive a free Specialty Chicken order from Domino's. That should sweeten the new app use for its customers.

That promotion continues through June 15.

"This is yet another way Domino's is using technology to improve our customer experience," said Patrick Doyle, Domino's Pizza president and chief executive officer. "Google Wallet is a great technology that allows customers even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to paying for their Domino's orders."

The idea is not new to the industry, but for customers who are running late on time or simply want to remain in their house and order a pizza can now go through a one-step process that makes ordering and having a pizza delivered directly to the house much easier.

Google Wallet is a free app on Google's Play store for Android phones.

With more and more users having their smartphones be a sort of one-stop shop for all their needs, especially in purchasing items and maintaining updated personal finance accounts, the move is likely to spread fast as Android users become able to make daily desires easier through a click of their phone.

Using smartphones for purchases online has seen a dramatic increase in the past few years, with more and more individuals using their phones for everyday purposes, including checking out at stores and other services through the numerous apps offered.

The boom in Androids has seen more and more companies, such as Domino's, seek to hone in on where users are going online and with their phones. By adding this new option, it should help Domino's maintain its perch on top the pizza delivery market and help pizza lovers increase their ease of getting that hot and fresh pizza at their door.

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