UK's mobile network EE is taking on GoPro with an action camera of its own, launching the 4GEE Action Cam with 4G video-streaming capabilities.

EE wants to take advantage of the increasing focus on video-streaming with its new 4GEE Action Cam, which allows users to shoot video on the go and stream it at once through its reliable 4G network.

The 4GEE Action Cam packs its own SIM card, so users are always connected, launching as the "world's first 4G connected action camera."

When it comes to action cameras, GoPro leads the charge and enjoys tremendous success among active and thrill-seeking users. Its Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver are widely considered among the best action cameras currently available on the market, boasting powerful specs and features.

The flagship Hero4 Black, for instance, can shoot 4K video at 30 fps as well as slow-mo 1080 p video at 120 fps. The GoPro Hero4 Silver model has a slower processor that doesn't allow for the same frame rates, but shooting 1080 p video at 60 fps will show no noticeable difference between the Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black.

The 4GEE Action Cam, meanwhile, can shoot full HD (1080 p) video at 30 fps and 13-megapixel still photos, but users can drop the resolution standard to 720 p for a higher 60 fps frame rate. This combination of 720 p at 60 fps is "perfect for capturing ultra-smooth action footage, such as cycling and other fast moving adventure sports," touts EE.

It's worth pointing out, however, that the 4GEE Action Cam can shoot 1080 p video, but broadcasting is limited to 720 p at 30 fps. This means that users can't stream 1080 p video, so they'll have to store the footage.

The 4GEE Action Cam also has microSD support for up to 64 GB, so users can store full-HD videos on an external card instead of filling up the 2.5 GB of internal storage.

The new 4GEE Action Cam may not rock all of the advanced specifications of the GoPro Hero4, but it does boast some neat tricks the GoPro line doesn't have. Most notably, the GoPro Hero4 comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, but the 4GEE can hook up to faster 4G connectivity for high-quality video-streaming.

The 4G action camera from EE also comes with a ViewFinder Watch, which connects to the camera and allows users to see what they're shooting even if they don't have a smartphone paired. Both the 4GEE Action Cam and the ViewFinder Watch are waterproof, as is the GoPro Hero4. The watch can also take photos as well as start or stop recording with the press of a button, so users don't have to handle the camera itself at all times.

The Action Cam app for both Android and iOS also allows users to control all camera functions and settings as well as manage images, video footage, data usage and top-ups.

Another neat feature of the 4GEE Action Cam is that it uses EE's own Skeegle broadcasting platform for video streaming, which allows users to stream only to private groups if they so prefer.

The new 4GEE Action Cam doesn't really rise up to GoPro sports cameras in terms of specifications, but its promise to keep users always connected and streaming over 4G does make it a notable rival.

EE's 4G action cam is available for preorder now, ahead of its launch on June 16.

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