Bungie just can't seem to keep a lid on its secrets.

The latest leak to come from the triple-A developer is a "large marketing sheet," which gives new details about the third expansion pack for Destiny, which is subtitled The Taken King. As we've covered before, this expansion pack is different than the first two in that it's much bigger, it kicks off the game's second year with a major new storyline, and internally at Bungie it's considered Destiny 1.5.

The new leak, which comes from Kotaku, provides details about the expansion pack that haven't been heard before. The Taken King refers to Oryx, father of Crota (the Raid boss from EP1: The Dark Below), who has assembled a new class of enemies called the Taken. As any good father would, Oryx wants revenge for his son's death — and that means revenge on you.

The pack adds gives all three character classes a new subclass and a new elemental super ability to go with it. As Kotaku points out, the three new abilities correspond with the one element a particular class has never had access to thus far. They are:

• Warlock: Electrical Storm (Arc element)
• Hunter: Gravity Bow (Void element)
• Titan: Flaming Hammer (Solar element)

The Taken King will add new Story Mode levels, new Strikes, new maps for the Crucible, and a new Raid that sends you after Oryx himself. The expansion comes with loads of new weapons, new weapon classes, armor, upgrades, a higher level cap (exact number not yet revealed), a new enemy class (the aforementioned Taken), new locations and more.

Destiny: The Taken King, according to the leaked document, will be available on September 15, 2015, and it will cost you twice the usual expansion pack amount — $40. Pundits are predicting a "Game of the Year" edition of Destiny may be sold in stores this fall, that features the core game and all three expansions. Two more expansion packs are expected in 2016 before the release of Destiny 2 in late '16 or early '17.

Expect to hear plenty more about The Taken King next week at E3. And stay tuned to T-Lounge for all the big news from E3 2015.

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