This is what you call a good look ... a really good look.

The Weeknd has immediately seen the benefits from debuting his new single, "Can't Feel My Face," at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco on Monday. In less than 24 hours since performing the record for the first time, the track already appears on iTunes' Top Songs list at No. 7. Not only that, but "The Hills," another track by the R&B singer, is also No. 10 on the list.

According to the latest Digital Sales Data numbers, The Weeknd sold nearly 18,000 units of "Can't Feel My Face" and nearly 14,000 of "The Hills" within the past 24 hours. The Weeknd definitely has Apple's grand stage to thank for that, although the feeling is mutual. Apple tweeted, "you stole the show," in the singer's direction from its Apple Music account following the WWDC.

Fans on social media clamored that "Can't Feel My Face" just might be The Weeknd's biggest and best record since his splashy 2010 debut in music. The single has The Weeknd interweaving a downward-spiral of drugs and sex with lurid details in a formula that has become the signature of the Canadian crooner.

Perhaps, The Weeknd's performance at WWDC was facilitated by Drake, the singer's frequent collaborator, who also was present at the conference Monday to announce his partnership with Apple Music. If so, The Weeknd owes Drake big time.

If you haven't heard his new single yet, play it below.

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